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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Translation and the translation is 45% complete.
Outdated translations are marked like this.

ترجمو وڌاءُ تازو وڪي انواع تي تنصيب ڪيو ويو ھو.

ھيٺين نانءُپولارن وارا سڀ صفحا موجود آھن:

  • وڪي‌انواع (Wikispecies)
  • مدد: (Help)
  • ميڊياوڪي: (MediaWiki)
  • سانچو: (Template)

Even though it's common orthography in some languages – notably French – please be aware that for MediaWiki technical reasons, there should never be a blank space between the namespace designation and the colon. Hence please use e.g. Help: and not Help :.

مدد ڪيئن ڪجي

  • توھان ترجمي لاءِ صفحن تي نشان لڳائي مدد ڪري سگھو ٿا. ھتي ھڪ ٽيوٽرال موجود آھي. ترجمي جا منتظم ھن ترجمي تي ترجمو فعال ڪندا.
  • You can also translate content when you see a "Translate this page" note on top of a page or on Special:Translate and Special:PageTranslation.
  • You can also add to all links that refer to pages with namespaces above Special:MyLanguage/. The link will redirect the user to the correct language version of the page, according to the users' preference settings.
    Example: Replace [[Wikispecies:Policy|Policy]] with [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikispecies:Policy|Policy]]
    For cases like [[Wikispecies:Policy]] add a pipe divider ("|") followed by the original link again, like this: [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikispecies:Policy|Wikispecies:Policy]]
  • Visit Wikispecies:Localization to help translate the interface for individual terms on most of our articles.
  • The Language statistics page can be helpful when finding "message groups" that needs translating. Enter your preferred ISO 639 language code and click the "Show statistics" button, and you will be presented with the percentage of completed translations for each message group, with a direct link to their respective translation pages.
  • Questions? Please use the Translation Administrators' Noticeboard.