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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Translation and the translation is 75% complete.
Outdated translations are marked like this.

The Owersetin extension wis recentlie instawed oan Wikispecies.

Aw the pages wiin the ablo namespaces are available:

  • Wikispecies: (Wikispecies)
  • Help: (Help)
  • Mediawiki: (MediaWiki)
  • Template: (Template)

Even though it's common orthography in some languages – notably French – please be aware that for MediaWiki technical reasons, there can never be a blank space between the namespace designation and the colon. Hence MediaWiki will always use Help: and not Help :.

Hou tae halp oot

  • Ye can halp bi maurkin pages fer owersetin. A teachin page is available here. Owersetin admeenistraters will enable owersetin oan the page.
  • Ye can owerset content whan ye see an "Owerset this page" jotin at the tap o ae page or oan Special:Translate and Special:PageTranslation.
  • Ye can eik Special:MyLanguage/ tae aw airtins that refer tae pages wi the abuin namespaces. The airtin will reguide the uiser tae the recht leid version o the page, accordin tae the uisers' preference settins.
    Fer example: Change [[Wikispecies:Policy|Policy]] tae [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikispecies:Policy|Policy]]
    Fer cases like [[Wikispecies:Policy]] eik ae pipe divider ("|") follaed bi the auld airtin again, like this: [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikispecies:Policy|Wikispecies:Policy]]
  • Visit Wikispecies:Localization fer tae halp owerset the interface fer individual terms oan maist o oor airticles.
  • The Leid stateestics page can be halpfu whan finndin "message groops" that need owersetin. Pit yer preferred ISO 639 language code in an clap the "Shaw stateestics" button, an ye'll be shawen the percentage o compleatit Owersets fer ilka message groop, wi ae direct airtin tae ilkane o their owersetin pages.
  • Questions? Please use the Translation Administrators' Noticeboard.