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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Translation and the translation is 75% complete.
Outdated translations are marked like this.

Le extension de traduction ha essite recentemente installate sur Wikispecies.

Tote le paginas intra le sequente spatios de nomines es disponibile:

  • Wikispecies: (Wikispecies)
  • Help: (Help)
  • Mediawiki: (MediaWiki)
  • Template: (Template)

Even though it's common orthography in some languages – notably French – please be aware that for MediaWiki technical reasons, there should never be a blank space between the namespace designation and the colon. Hence please use e.g. Help: and not Help :.

Como adjutar

  • Tu pote adjutar per marcar paginas pro traduction. Un parve instruction es disponibile ci. Le administratores de traduction activara le traduction sur le pagina.
  • Tu pote anque traducer contento quando tu vide Traducer iste pagina sur le summitate de un pagina o sur Special:Translate e Special:PageTranslation.
  • Tu pote anque adder a tote le ligamines que se refere a paginas con spatios de nomines superior a Special:MyLanguage/. Le ligamine redirigera le usator al version del pagina in le lingua correcte secundo le configuration de preferentias del usator.
    Exemplo: Reimplacia [[Wikispecies:Policy|Policy]] per [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikispecies:Policy|Policy]].
    Pro casos como [[Wikispecies:Policy]] adde un divisor ("|") sequite per un repetition del ligamine original, como: [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikispecies:Policy|Wikispecies:Policy]].
  • Visita Wikispecies:Localization pro adjutar a traducer le interfacie pro terminos individual sur le majoritate de nostre articulos.
  • Le pagina Statisticas de linguas pote esser utile pro cercar "gruppos de messages" que debe esser traducite. Entra le codice ISO 639 de tu lingua preferite e clicca sur le button "Monstrar statisticas", e tu videra le percentage de traductiones complete pro cata gruppo de messages, con un ligamine directe verso lor paginas de traduction respective.
  • Questions? Please use the Translation Administrators' Noticeboard.