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External botany link templates

  • {{TROPICOS|id|17|February|2019}}             Tropicos
  • {{TPLF|2019|February|17}}                    The Plant List
  • {{IPNI|id|2019|17 February|Taxon name}}      International Plant Names Index

Magic words

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{{#time: H:i:s, j F Y}}. (UTC)
{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} content pages
which renders as:

08:40:44, 17 February 2019. (UTC)
663,812 content pages
2,824,871 users
221 active users
4,639,523 edits
08:40, February (or 02) 17, 2019

See also: Wikispecies:Mail list/active users

New species

Species: ''[[Genus species]]''

''Genus species'' {{a|Author link|Author abbreviation}}, 1998

Holotype: {{Repository link|XXXX}} 97-82-P-22. Paratypes: {{Repository link|XXXX}} 97-82-P-23-26 (4).

Type locality: Pond in Central park, Duckburg.

* {{CoF|rank=sp|id=XXXX|accessdate=Month Day, 2015|name=Genus species}}
* {{FishBase|XXXX}}
* {{ITIS|XXXX|i}}
* {{IUCN|LC|XXXX|Genus species}}


Pictures needed
Taxon Uploaded? Verified? In article? Remarks
1 CrystalClearActionApply.svg CrystalClearActionApply.svg Template:Not yet Things to be written…
2 CrystalClearActionApply.svg Template:Not yet Template:Not yet …and stuff to be read

Author page unverified or out of scope

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You have recently created the page [[NN]]. Unfortunately the page only included the text "NN" without any further information about the author, and it's therefore very unclear in what way the page is relevant to the taxonomy and scientific classification of biological taxa. In accordance with our policy it has therefore been deleted. You are very welcome to re-create the page, but then please also include basic information regarding the scientific disciplines of NN (in regards to taxonomy) and a list of her/his scientific publications on the subject. Please note that as in all of the Wikimedia projects the information must be relevant and verifiable, or the page will be deleted again. The paragraph named "Format of an Authority page" on Help:Author Names is a good start when creating author pages. Best regards, ~~~, ~~~~~.

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