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Hello. I'm Andy Mabbett. Please see en:User:Pigsonthewing for my main user page and declaration of interests.


My interests on Wikispecies include building and improving templates, in order to enhance the standardisation of presentation and machine readability of our data, and to facilitate closer integration with Wikidata.

I also work on authority control for people.



Wikidata script[edit]

For those of you who also edit Wikidata, or wish to, I recommend the user script at d:User:Yair rand/WikidataInfo.js.

Simply add the code:

mw.loader.load("// rand/WikidataInfo.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript"); // Backlink: [[d:User:Yair rand/WikidataInfo.js]]

to your common.js page on this wiki, and it will insert, below a Wikispecies page's title, a link to the corresponding Wikidata item, or a link to create one if none exists. In the former case, it all also add the label and aliases, in your preferred language.


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...I'd rather be out bird-watching.

Authority control[edit]

Authority control