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Hello. I'm Andy Mabbett. Please see en:User:Pigsonthewing for my main user page and declaration of interests.


My interests on Wikispecies include building and improving templates, in order to enhance the standardisation of presentation and machine readability of our data, and to facilitate closer integration with Wikidata.

I also work on authority control for people.

My background[edit]

I gave up programming many years ago, but was involved in the design and management of pioneering, large-scale websites in the UK's public sector from 1994-2011. I am now a freelance consultant and have been a Wikimedian in Residence several times.

I am a published author and journalist - but (as anyone who's corrected my 'tyops' will tell you) I can't type.

I served as a trustee, and webmaster, of the West Midland Bird Club from 2000 until 2015. I am an RSPB volunteer.

Web for all[edit]

I believe strongly in adherence to web standards, making web pages as accessible as possible, to everyone, and that it's important to communicate using the simplest language necessary, to convey ideas clearly.


...I'd rather be out bird-watching.

Authority control[edit]

Authority control