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My first experience contributing to a Wikimedia project was editing Wikispecies under another username in early 2008. Since late 2012, I've been a rather heavy editor on en.wikipedia's taxonomic articles as Plantdrew. I do not anticipate being very active on Wikispecies itself these days, but I sometimes create interwiki links from pages on en.wikipedia to Wikispecies. I may contribute to entries for List of valid homonyms, as the disambiguation pages on en.wikipedia for these are where I am usually adding links to Wikispecies.

I do look in at the Village Pump here fairly regularly and sometimes comment on interesting subjects raised there.

Special:Contributions/ added a bunch of bogus vernacular names (applying name for a species to a genus that formerly included it (Wahlenbergia), or applying a name to the wrong species (Yucca gigantea)), which have been taken up into Wikidata. I intend to to do work cleaning this up.