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Hi I am Andy Boorman from Essex, England and are more or less retired from academic life teaching a range of land based subjects. These include; horticulture, landscape architecture/management, plant knowledge, nomenclature and systematics.

I am happy to contribute to Wikispecies when I can. Helping to reflect contemporary consensual thinking on plant classifications and referencing, as well as adding family, generic and species details.

Professionally, I still feel my best achievements have involved the creation and management of species rich meadows - very aesthetic and bio-diverse!

Main work completed for plant orders and genera.

  1. Santalales Taxonomy is still lagging behind phylogeny. Santalaceae still has a number of red link genera. All red links now blue, but a major review and update of refs needed.  Done for me anyway.
  2. Melastomataceae All subfamilies, tribes and most genera completed, but some Sonerileae  Done, Melastomeae and also Tibouchina and its segregates are to be finalised, as the taxonomy emerges.
  3. Rhamnaceae needs a real work over, but see note as regards uncertainty.  Done nearly!
  4. Malpighiales needs a proper update and work through with most genera red links  Done except the important family Euphorbiaceae has much much more red than blue.  Done
  5. Sapindaceae is another outstanding important family with only a few blue genera, but see Note  Done. Anacardiaceae and a few other families of Sapindales still need attention.  Done
  6. Malvales needed a thorough work over. However, as today's date only Dombeyoideae is to be finalised once Door & Wurduck (2020) is assimilated.  Done
  7. Gentianales needs a little extra work but is getting there. Helieae Gentianaceae is still unresolved!
  8. Boraginales - no consensus with respect to s.s. or s.l., so I have avoided Boraginoideae/Boraginaceae s.s. for the moment. Made a few changes divergence between s.s and s.l are a real problem.
  9. Celastraceae - work to be done, but see note.  Done for genera only.
  10. Rosaceae - only a handful of minor genera red linked, but I am leaving this to others. Had a go, but some changes are pending, added references and filled in the obvious red links.  Done

In addition, all families and their lower taxa need a format and content update - thanks to our army of improvers.

Andy Boorman supports freedom in Ukraine