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Wikispecies is an online species directory, and must be treated as such. There are certain things that Wikispecies is not:

  • Wikispecies is not paragraphs of information about species. Blocks of prose are language-specific and would incorrectly lead to the impression that Wikispecies is a fork of Wikipedia.
  • Wikispecies is not paper. There are no size limits.
  • Wikispecies is not a general encyclopedia. Use Wikipedia instead.
  • Do not host your own web site at Wikispecies.
  • Wikispecies is not an image repository. Whilst images of a species can enhance an article, they should not be the only thing on that page, and they should not be abstract art. Scientific illustrations and clear photographs of the organisms are all ideal for Wikispecies. If you really want to upload your image somewhere, please use Commons rather than Wikispecies—more people can use the image if it is there.