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Future notulae/info to spread
Taxonomenclatural software for websites
Long term projects
  • Delete/rename
  • Clean up unused (est. 6000) and uncatecorized templates (2000+)
  • Deprecated templates to clean up:
  • Update old uses of {{Zootaxa}} so they display actual DOIs
  • Keep adding {{Access}} to templates that use {{Doi}}
  • Clean up Pages to merge
  • Prepare a list of repositories of scanned literature
  • Revise the help pages into a true styleguide
  • Wrangle people into agreeing/voting about a formal specific citation style, at least for new templates.
    • Base poll on reference format
    • How to present book pagination? What about plates?
    • How to deal with overly long book titles?
    • Material in nonlatin alphabets or translated material
    • What's the format for monographs in series? What if the series is unnumbered?
    • What about journal series?
    • How to present and word "post-reference links"?
    • Materials cited from a later publication
    • inaccurate dates of publication
    • articles in multiple parts
    • Capitalisation in serial titles
  • Get people onboard to actually swap back {{Taxa authored}} with the code currently in {{Taxa authored 2}}
Done, or just as good as
example material