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Suggested process

  1. Create a Category:Unused institution acronyms (or whatever name is preferred) under Category:Repositories.
    • This allows these categories to be easily monitored via a bot.
  2. Select a preferred acronym within each set.
  3. Move all other acronym categories to Category:Unused institution acronyms.
    • If a category has been hard-redirected, recreate and categorise it.
  4. Insert a new template {{Unused institution acronym}} on these category pages (similar to en:Template:Category redirect)
  5. Redirect all acronym pages to the chosen acronym
    • Move all information not duplicated to the main page and include a list of the merged acronym on that page.
  6. Apply {{Repository link}} to all taxon pages as the categories are changed (this makes it possible to change the institution link and category in a single place).
    • Eventually this template should be able to detect use of an unused/dispreferred acronym.
  7. Start back from 2)

Note: after these pages are done, a significant amount of work remains to be done on pages linked to Repositories

Cleaned merges:


Collections moved under institutions


To do


Not yet sure what to merge to or how to merge


Other issues

Missing page or category
Not sure if same
Page and category name different

(mostly stuff where only the generic part of the name is abbreviated, or including a D/B for departments of biology and the like)

  • DBAU (Cat) (IH ANU, propose ANUH to safe ANU for Australian National University; institution name outdated, should be Anhui University)
  • DBET (Cat) (grBIO UWCP)
  • DBSTU (Cat) (IH SANU, all non-IH codes problematic; institution name outdated, should be Shaanxi Normal Univesity)
  • DPP (Cat) (IH SZCZ)
  • DZSJRP (Cat) (shorten to SJRP?)
  • ICDBB (Cat) (prop. CZC, not in GrBio or IH)
  • MRSN (Cat) (grBIO MSNT)
  • NMCR (Cat) (actual a carcinology collection acronym, grBIO MPMP or PNM)
  • MUD (Cat) (grBIO UNCC)
  • MUSENUV (Cat) (prob. too specific, but too many abbreviations in GRBIO)
  • NCU (Cat) (GrBio/standard NCHU)
  • UIB (Cat) (prop. INU, not in GrBio or IH)
  • ZFC (Cat) (GrBio CMNZ over CMC)