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Suggested process[edit]

  1. Create a Category:Unused institution acronyms (or whatever name is preferred) under Category:Repositories.
    • This allows these ccategories to be easily monitored via a bot.
  2. Select a preferred acronym within each set.
  3. Move all other acronym categories to Category:Unused institution acronyms.
    • If a category has been hard-redirected, recreate and categorise it.
  4. Insert a new template {{Unused institution acronym}} on these category pages (similar to en:Template:Category redirect)
  5. Redirect all acronym pages to the chosen acronym
    • Move all information not duplicated to the main page and include a list of the merged acronym on that page.
  6. Apply {{repository link}} to all taxon pages as the categories are changed (this makes it possible to change the institution link and category in a single place).
    • Eventually this template should be able to detect use of an unused/dispreferred acronym.
  7. Start back from 2)

Note: after these pages are done, a significant amount of work remains to be done on pages linked to Repositories

Cleaned merges:[edit]

Collections moved under institutions[edit]

to do[edit]

Not yet sure what to merge to or how to merge[edit]

Other issues[edit]

Missing page or category
Not sure if same
Page and category name different

Recommended acronym change[edit]

(mostly stuff where only the generic part of the name is abbreviated, or including a D/B for departments of biology and the like)

  • DBAU (Cat) (IH ANU, propose ANUH to safe ANU for Australian National University; institution name outdated, should be Anhui University)
  • DBET (Cat) (grBIO UWCP)
  • DBSTU (Cat) (IH SANU, all non-IH codes problematic; institution name outdated, should be Shaanxi Normal Univesity)
  • DPP (Cat) (IH SZCZ)
  • DZSJRP (Cat) (shorten to SJRP?)
  • ICDBB (Cat) (prop. CZC, not in GrBio or IH)
  • MRSN (Cat) (grBIO MSNT)
  • NMCR (Cat) (actual a carcinology collection acronym, grBIO MPMP or PNM)
  • MUD (Cat) (grBIO UNCC)
  • MUSENUV (Cat) (prob. too specific, but too many abbreviations in GRBIO)
  • NCU (Cat) (GrBio/standard NCHU)
  • UIB (Cat) (prop. INU, not in GrBio or IH)
  • zfc (Cat) (why the lowercase??, GrBio CMNZ over CMC)