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Dan Koehl
Dan Koehl

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Some pictures

DKoehl Irrawaddi Dolphin jumping.jpgJumping Irrawaddy dolphin pictured in Mekong river, Kratie, Cambodja, during my visit in 2011.

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I am a Swedish elephant trainer (zookeeper since 40 years), working as freelancing cónsultant 1996-2016. I was teacher in upper secondary school for zookeepers 1993-1995 where I was teaching Taxonomy. Since 2014 I am chairman for the Swedish national union of aquarium societies. I am also a PHP-programmer and run some websites, among them a zoological wiki in Swedish, located at and the Elephant Database at

When online at Wikispecies, I am often logged in at IRC #wikispecies (IRC channel)


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