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To Do

To Do. Areas that should be a main focus in the near future
  1. Generally: achieving Genus level in ALL taxa
  2. Put templates in place all the way to genus level (Needs Templates OR Category:Collapsed taxotree)
  3. Making a plan for the higher taxonomical levels. First draft at Talk:Protista.
  4. Protista page is being cleaned up, help is as always appreciated.
  5. Superphylum Radiata: Genus level to be achieved (e.g. Actiniaria and others). Mostly Familia level reached.
  6. Classis Gastropoda: needs an urgent overhaul.
  7. Classis Mammalia: needs reviewing, now that MSW 3rd ed. has been published.
  8. Subphylum Vertebrata: higher taxa urgently need reviewing.
  9. Lots of species list & detail work to do on Mammalia, Reptilia & Amphibia.
  10. Bacteria and Arthropoda need templates
  11. Subphylum Hexapoda: Familia level achieved, Genera next.
  12. Crustacea: Species level is next
  13. Nematoda: still superficial
  14. Talk:Platyhelminthes needs revising
  15. For Orchidaceae, all taxa down to "alliance" are created, giving access to all of the orchid genera in the en: article. A follow on task would be to follow the existing genera links from w:Taxonomy_of_the_orchid_family and fill in what is there to what's been created.
  16. Visit commons:Category:Nature to see if there are any appropriate pictures for any area in wikispecies, and add them to the appropriate pages.
  17. Update higher Angiospermae classification to APG III (2009).
  18. Translate intro pages into other languages!
  19. Make {{Authority control}} fetch values from Wikidata
  20. Add {{Authority control}} to all applicable pages


  1. Create interwiki links for each page, on Wikidata, then remove inline Wikipedia links form Wikispecies pages. Inline Wikidata-links removed. (01.2016)
Done. Areas that are covered on Wikispecies in great detail (Genus or species level) include the following taxa (completeness is generally only asserted for extant taxa)


Species referenced detail level achieved
  1. Classes: Amphibia - All living species (6400 species) completed.
  2. Ordines: Grylloblattodea - Mantophasmatodea - Mictacea - Spelaeogriphacea - Thermosbaenacea - Zoraptera
  3. Superfamiliae of Araneae: Atypoidea
Species detail level achieved (largely unreferenced)
  1. Subregnum: Agnotozoa
  2. Phylum: Ctenophora - Tardigrada
  3. Classes: Aplacophora (needs formatting) - Aves - Cubozoa - Incertae sedis (Cnidaria) - Protura - Staurozoa
  4. Ordines: Cumacea - Embiidina - Mecoptera (needs formatting) - Tanaidacea
  5. Subordines of Lepidoptera: Aglossata - Heterobathmiina
  6. Subordines of Araneae: Mesothelae
Species (link) level achieved
  1. Phyla: Brachiopoda - Chaetognatha - Echiura - Entoprocta - Hemichordata - Gastrotricha - Micrognathozoa - Myzostomida - Nematomorpha - Phoronida - Priapula - Rotifera - Sipuncula
  2. Classis: Mammalia - Pycnogonida - Reptilia
  3. Ordines: Odonata - Amphipoda
  4. Subordo of Lepidoptera: Zeugloptera
  5. Superfamiliae: (Araneae): Barycheloidea - Ctenizoidea - Cyrtauchenioidea - Dipluroidea - Hexatheloidea - Idiopoidea - Mecicobothrioidea - Migoidea - Nemesioidea. (Lepidoptera): Tineoidea
  6. Sections (Peracarida, Isopoda, Oniscidea): Diplocheta - Microcheta - Tylida - Synocheta
Genus level achieved
  1. Phyla: Annelida (needs formatting) - Chordata - Echinodermata (needs formatting) - Nemertea - Onychophora
  2. Subphyla Crustacea (needs formatting) - Myriapoda (needs formatting) - †Trilobitomorpha (needs formatting)
  3. Classes: Collembola (needs formatting) - Cephalopoda (needs formatting) - Polyplacophora - Monoplacophora
  4. Ordines: (Insecta): Blattodea - Isoptera (needs formatting) - Lepidoptera (needs formatting) - Mantodea (needs formatting) - Orthoptera (needs formatting) - †Palaeodictyoptera (needs formatting) - Phthiraptera (needs formatting) - Psocoptera (needs formatting) - Siphonaptera (needs formatting) - Thysanoptera (needs formatting) - Trichoptera (needs formatting).
  5. All sections of Subordo: Oniscidea (Diplocheta, Tylida, Microcheta, Synocheta, Crinocheta) - Crustacea, Isopoda


Species detail level achieved (higher taxonomic levels unreferenced)
  1. Divisiones: Cycadophyta - Ginkgophyta - Gnetophyta
Species (link) level achieved
  1. Divisiones: Anthocerotophyta - Bryophyta - Lycopodiophyta
Genus level achieved
  1. Divisiones: Magnoliophyta - Marchantiophyta - Pinophyta - Pteridophyta - Charophyta - Chlorophyta
Family level achieved
  1. Division: Marchantiophyta


Species detail level achieved (higher taxonomic levels unreferenced)
  1. Divisio: Glomeromycota
  2. Classes: Arthoniomycetes
Genus level achieved
  1. Phyla: Ascomycota - Basidiomycota - Chytridiomycota


Genus level achieved
  1. Phyla: Amoebozoa - Cercozoa - Choanozoa - Loukozoa
Family level achieved
  1. Classes: Phaeophyceae


Genus level achieved


Species referenced detail level achieved
  1. Regnum: Nanoarchaeota


Species level achieved
Ordo: Caudovirales (01.2016)
Ordo: Herpesvirales (12.2015)
Ordo: Ligamenvirales (01.2016)
Ordo: Mononegavirales (01.2016)
Ordo: Nidovirales (01.2016)
Ordo: Picornavirales (01.2016)
Ordo: Tymovirales (01.2016)
Group: Viroids (01.2016)
Unassigned Familiae: (01.2016)
Unassigned Genera: (01.2016)
Baltimore classification
Done (01.2016)