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This page is a translated version of the page Wikispecies:Templates and the translation is 27% complete.

There is still some work to be done to determine what information to include and what information NOT to include (we don't want too much duplication with Wikipedia).

In particular, even though it says Vernacular names below, they are currently only included if there is a link to a Wikipedia article.

There is also some new discussion about the layout and format of these pages, see Wikispecies:Village pump/Archive 3#Revised proposal.

Currently, Panthera tigris is seen as an example of an "ideal" Wikispecies page.

How a taxon page content should be structured

Look at Help:General Wikispecies

Taxonavigation: Give the most commonly used clades of the taxonomic tree and allows a convenient navigation through all groups of life. To find templates for taxonavigation, see template:sp for an example. To use a template, use {{Nameofclade}}, like this: {{Aves}}.

Name: Give the binominal name according to the original author of that name. For example: Meles meles (Linnaeus, 1758).

Synonyms (subsection): Give a list of other scientific names that have been used for the same species. These names are no longer valid but are still important because there is information out there under these names that can be used for the valid name still. SYNONYMS is a subsection of the NAME section. For more details, please see: Help:Name section#Synonyms. See Anopheles triannulatus for an example.

References: Give the publication in which the original description of the species was presented. This means an actual publication citation NOT a website. Also, make these references complete and user-friendly. For example, unabbreviate "Insec. Inscit. Menstr." like this "Insecutor Inscitiae menstruus." To find references, try these sites:

Vernacular names: Give names of the species in other languages by using the {{VN|en=Red Fox|de=Rotfuchs|nl=Vos|ko=붉은여우|...}} template.

Please do not add links to articles on this species in the particular Wikipedia, for example, do not add [[en:badger]] (links to the English Wikipedia on badgers), or [[de:Dachs]] (links to the German Wikipedia article on badgers). Adding those so called inter-wiki links would be redundant, since they are already served automatically by Wikidata, and will show up automatically even though they are not visible in the page code.

Try to avoid other information as well. If you must, add it to the discussion page of the taxon. To preserve understandability for all languages, further information for a particular taxon should be put on the respective Wikipedia.

Шаблоны форматирования таксонов

Тип списка What to type What it makes
Genus {{g|Parus}} {{g|Pica}} {{glast|Poecile}} Parus – Pica – Poecile
Subgenus (Non-Plantae) {{subg|B|ironella|Bironella}} {{subg|B|ironella|Brugella}} {{subglast|B|ironella|Neobironella}} B. (Bironella) – B. (Brugella) – B. (Neobironella)
Subgenus Species (Non-Plantae) {{sgsps|G|raphium|G|raphium|agamemnon}} {{sgsps|G|raphium|G|raphium|arycles}} {{sgspslast|G|raphium|G|raphium|bathycles}} G. (G.) agamemnon – G. (G.) arycles – G. (G.) bathycles
Subgenus Species Subspecies (Non-Plantae) {{sgssps|Z|ygaena|M|esembrynus|r|ubricollis|afghanica}} {{sgssps|Z|ygaena|M|esembrynus|r|ubricollis|arachosica}} {{sgsspslast|Z|ygaena|M|esembrynus|r|ubricollis|fredi}} Z. (M.) r. afghanica – Z. (M.) r. arachosica – Z. (M.) r. fredi
Subgenus (Plantae) {{subgplant|E|ucalyptus|Acerosa}}{{subgplant|E|ucalyptus|Alveolata}} {{subgplantlast|E|ucalyptus|Cruciformes}} E. subg. Acerosa –E. subg. Alveolata – E. subg. Cruciformes
Section {{sect|H|ypericum|Adenosepalum}} {{sect|H|ypericum|Adenotrias}} {{sectlast|H|ypericum|Androsaemum}} H. sect. Adenosepalum – H. sect. Adenotrias – H. sect. Androsaemum
Subsection {{subsect|M|agnolia|Cubenses}} {{subsect|M|agnolia|Dugandiodendron}} {{subsectlast|M|agnolia|Talauma}} M. subsect. Cubenses – M. subsect. Dugandiodendron – M. subsect. Talauma
Species {{sp|P|arus|cinereus}} {{sp|P|arus|major}} {{splast|P|arus|minor}} P. cinereus – P. major – P. minor
Subspecies (Non-Plantae) {{ssp|C|anis|l|upus|rufus}} {{ssp|C|anis|l|upus|tundrarum}} {{ssplast|C|anis|l|upus|signatus}} C. l. rufus – C. l. tundrarum – C. l. signatus
Subspecies (Plantae) {{subspplant|A|donis|a|nnua|annua}} {{subspplant|A|donis|a|nnua|castellana}} {{subspplantlast|A|donis|a|nnua|cupaniana}} A. a. subsp. annua – A. a. subsp. castellana – A. a. subsp. cupaniana
Subspecies (Bacteria) {{subspbacteria|L|actobacillus|delbrueckii|bulgaricus}} {{subspbacteria|L|actobacillus|delbrueckii|delbrueckii}} {{subspbacterialast|L|actobacillus|delbrueckii|indicus}} L. delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus – L. delbrueckii subsp. delbrueckii – L. delbrueckii subsp. indicus
Variety {{var|I|lex|c|renata|crenata}} {{var|I|lex|c|renata|fukasawana}} {{varlast|I|lex|c|renata|paludosa}} I. c. var. crenata – I. c. var. fukasawana – I. c. var. paludosa

Форматирование таксонов: общие правила

To achieve a standard look across Wikispecies, we have put up some rules for entering new taxa.

When there are more than one of a certain taxon, the plural form of the taxon should be used. Multiple taxa of the same level should then be separated by a nonbreakingspace-dash-space combination ( - ). For genera and lower use above templates.

Latin taxa and plurals
Taxon (ед. ч.) Taxon (мн. ч.)
Phylum Phyla
Classis Classes
Ordo Ordines
Familia Familiae
Divisio Divisiones
Cohors Cohortes
Sectio Sectiones
Tribus Tribus
Genus Genera
Species Species
Varietas Varietates
Forma Formae

Шаблоны форматирования страниц

What to type What it makes
{{aut|Carolus Linnaeus}} Carolus Linnaeus
{{a|Carolus Linnaeus}} Carolus Linnaeus
{{a|Carolus Linnaeus|Linnaeus}} Linnaeus
English: Cow
suomi: Lehmä

Procedural templates

What to type What it makes
The status, affinity, scope or nomenclature of this taxon is disputed.

Please see discussion on the talk page.

Page is added to Category:Disputed taxa

The name of this taxon appears to be invalid under the relevant nomenclatural code, as it may be a junior homonym of xxxxxx.

Page is added to Category:Homonyms

Эта статья не использует стандартное форматирование таксонов.

Эта статья может быть удалена.
Пожалуйста, уберите этот шаблон, если вы исправили форматирование таксона этой статьи.

Page is added to Category:Non-standard taxon formatting

This page may require cleanup to meet Wikispecies quality standards.

Page is added to Category:Pages needing cleanup

{{Unreferenced}}, {{noref}}
This taxon has no references.
Please verify the validity of this taxon and add the appropriate references. (Here's how.)

Page is added to Category:Unverified

This page should be merged with OtherPage.

Page is added to Category:Pages to merge

{{Merge to|OtherPage}}
This page should be merged into OtherPage.

Page is added to Category:Pages to merge

Эта страница – кандидат на быстрое удаление.
Если вы не согласны с этой номинацией на быстрое удаление, пожалуйста объясните свою точку зрения на этой странице обсуждения.

Page is added to Category:Candidates for speedy deletion

Эта страница – кандидат на быстрое удаление. The given reason for this is "reason".
Если вы не согласны с этой номинацией на быстрое удаление, пожалуйста объясните свою точку зрения на этой странице обсуждения.

Page is added to Category:Candidates for speedy deletion


Page is added to Category:Disambiguation pages

{{Disambiguation|link=[[Ensifera (Orthoptera)]]}}

Page is added to Category:Disambiguation pages


This is a stub page which contains only a minimal amount of information.

Please contribute to Wikispecies by adding References, Type locality, Holotype and Synonyms.

Help improve Wikispecies by adding information to this taxon!

Page is added to Category:Stubs


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Шаблоны ссылок

What to type What it makes
For more multimedia, look at Carnivora on Wikimedia Commons.
Wikibooks Wikibooks has a Dichotomous Key related to this taxon Animalia.

Шаблоны перевода

What to type What it makes
{{Translation|1=Other languages|page=Help:Project sources}}
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