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A template for suggesting merging the tagged page into another specified page.


Add {{Merge to|Other page}} to the top of the page, interchanging "Other page" with the name of the page to merge into. Subsequently please also add the {{Merge from}} template to the top of that second page.


The taxon Brachydanio is a synonym of Danio. Hence the code snippet {{Merge to|Danio}} could be added to the top of the Brachydanio page. Subsequently the code snippet {{Merge from|Brachydanio}} should be added to the top of the Danio page.

See also[edit]

  • {{Merge from|Other page}} – To merge the contents from another page into the tagged article, i.e. the opposite of {{Merge to}}
  • {{Merge|Other page}} – A template for suggesting at least two pages to be merged, without mentioning into which page they should be merged