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Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Divisio: Chlorophyta
Classis: Prasinophyceae
Ordo: Chlorodendrales - Dunalliellales - Halosphaerales - Mamiellales



Prasinophyceae T.Christensen, 1962 ex P.C.Silva, 1980


  • Prasinates Chadefaud, 1941
  • Prasinophycées Chadefaud, 1947
  • Prasinophycinées Chadefaud, 1960
  • Prasinophytina Round, 1963; Silva in Mitsui & Black, 1982; Cavalier-Smith in Brodie & Lewis, 2007
  • Prasinophyta Round, 1971
  • Prasinomonadida Levine et al., 1980 [?]
  • Micromonadophyceae Mattox & Stewart, 1984
  • Prasinophytae Cavalier-Smith, 1998



Chadefaud & Emberger (1960)


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  • Tome II. Les végétaux vasculaires, par L. Emberger, 1960, deux fascicules, 1540 pages, [2], [3]

Monde vivant

  • Eucaryotes
    • Algues Eucaryotes (= Phycophytes)
      • Chlorophycophytes (= Algues vertes, stricto sensu)
        • Euchlorophycées (= Chlorophycées typiques) [p. 331, 336]
          • Prasinophycinées
            • Prasinococcales (Halosphaera viridis)
            • Prasinovolvocales

Christensen (1962)

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Levine et al. (1980)


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Subkingdom Protozoa

Silva (1980)



Ettl (1983)


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[See Algae]

John O. Corliss (1984)


From The kingdom Protista and its 45 phyla

In Kingdom Protista, Assemblage "Chlorobionts"
Phylum Prasinophyta Christensen, 1962

  • Class Prasinophyceae T. Christensen, 1962 ex Moestrup & Throndsen, 1988

Mattox & Stewart (1984)


Mattox, K. R. & Stewart, K. D. 1984. Classification of the green algae: a concept based on comparative cytology. Pp. 29‐72, In Irvine, D. E. G. & John, D. M. (eds.), The systematics of Green Algae. The Systematics Association, Special Vol. 27, Academic Press, London.

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Kingdom Protoctista

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Cavalier-Smith (1998)


From A revised six-kingdom system of life, [11].

Empire or Superkingdom Eukaryota

Moestrup in Lee et al. (2000)


Moestrup, Ø., 2000. Class Prasinophyceae T. Christensen ex P.C. Silva, 1980. In: Lee, J.J., Leedale, G.F. & Bradbury, P. An Illustrated Guide to the Protozoa. Society of Protozoologists/Allen Press: Lawrence, Kansas, U.S.A, 2nd ed., vol. 2, p. 1253-1268, [12]. See Brands, S.J. (1989-2015), [13].

In “protozoa”, “flagellated protists

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Vernacular names

eesti: Prasinofüüdid
日本語: プラシノ藻綱
polski: Prazynofity
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