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För att direkt nå en administratör, se administratörernas anslagstavla. (om du hellre behöver nå en översättningsadministratör, gå istället till översättningsadministratörernas anslagstavla.)

Administrator access is granted to known and trusted members of the community who are familiar with the policies of Wikispecies. Administrator access is not meant to imply editorial authority on the project.

You can request adminship on Wikispecies if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are not completely new to Wikimedia projects. You have been an editor for at least 2 months and you understand and agree with the goals of the project.
  • You have a user page on Wikispecies and are a contributor here.
  • You agree to follow relevant policies and respect consensus of Wikispecies' users.
  • There is a consensus amongst users here that you would be a suitable administrator.

You can use the Admin Stats logs at XTools (2023, 2024) to see up-to-date statistics of our Administrators' activities. The logs will only show activities that are admin-specific; it will not list more commonplace activities such as editing taxon pages or adding comments to talk pages.

As with the policy for administrator access on Meta, inactive Administrators may have their access removed by a Steward.

An admin wielding the mop, a common symbol of administrators. See also: The good admin.

Administrators have the technical ability to perform the following actions:

  • block (and unblock) user accounts and IP addresses from editing
  • protect (and unprotect) pages to restrict editing of a particular page
  • delete and undelete pages
  • delete images and other uploaded files
  • edit protected pages and the interface (except pages that are restricted to Interface administrators)

Administrators assume these responsibilities as volunteers who go through a community review process. They are not acting as employees of the Wikimedia Foundation. They are never required to use their tools, and must never use them to gain an advantage in a dispute in which they are involved.


Administrator status can be assigned by any Bureaucrat, and may be removed by a Steward in cases of abuse.

Misuse of administrative tools

Misusing the administrative tools is considered a serious issue. The administrative tools are provided to trusted users for maintenance and other tasks, and should be used with thought. Serious misuse may result in sanction or even their removal. Misuse, and its consequences, are defined and decided by consensus of the Wikispecies community.

Lista över administratörer

Wikispecies har 22 administratörer (däribland 1 bot). En aktuell lista finns på Special:ListUsers/sysop.

Administratör Senast aktivitet
1234qwer1234qwer4 2024 (check)
Andyboorman 2024 (check)
Burmeister 2024 (check)
Dan Koehl 2024 (check)
DannyS712 2024 (check)
EncycloPetey 2024 (check)
Faendalimas 2024 (check)
Floscuculi 2023 (check)
Hector Bottai 2024 (check)
Keith Edkins 2024 (check)
Koavf 2024 (check)
Mariusm 2024 (check)
MKOliver 2024 (check)
MPF 2024 (check)
Neferkheperre 2024 (check)
OhanaUnited 2024 (check)
PeterR 2024 (check)
Pigsonthewing 2024 (check)
RLJ 2024 (check)
Thiotrix 2024 (check)
Tommy Kronkvist 2024 (check)
Robotar med administratörsstatus: Senast aktivitet
Abuse filter* 2013 (check)*

(* Denna robot är helt automatiserad och utför åtgärder som triggas av den lika fullt ut automatiserade och globala MediaWikis tillägget AbuseFilter. Som en bieffekt visas inte dess åtgärder lokalt på Wikispecies offentliga aktivitetsloggar. Istället visas den senaste aktivitetsdatan när roboten först aktiverades på Wikispecies.)


IRC för administratörer

Wikispecies har en IRC-kanal har ett alternativ för live-kommunikation; #wikispecies-admins (IRC-kanal) som är åtkomlig för inbjudna medlemmar.


  1. Before you can request access, you must register your nickname and log in.

Type "/nick theusernameyouwantgoeshere" to switch to that username,
register by typing "/msg nickserv register yourpassword youremail".
To keep your email address private, type: "/msg nickserv set hidemail on"
To keep others from using your name while you're offline, type: "/msg nickserv set enforce on"
In the future, you must login by typing "/msg nickserv identify yourpasswordgoeshere" (some clients can do this automatically when you connect).

You access the channel with command /join #wikispecies-admins.

Mailing list

There is a mailing list located at mail:wikispecies-admin. This is a useful tool for coordination off-wiki; it is recommended that admins sign up for the list.

Admin userbox on Wikispecies

Den här användaren är administratörWikispecies. (verifiera)

Administrators may use the administrator user box on their user page. Copy and paste the following code to your user page:

{{User Admin}}

Userbox on Meta-Wiki

If you have a Meta-Wiki user page, you can put the Wikispecies admin user box for Meta on your Meta-Wiki user page.

Requests for adminship

Please explain here why you need administrator access. After seven days, if there is general agreement that you should be an administrator, one of the bureaucrats will fulfill the request.

You can use {{subst:RFA|Username|Why you want to be a sysop.}} when making a request to automatically create the form.

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