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What is the Wikispecies Fifteen Year Society?


The Fifteen Year Society is an informal grouping of editors who have been contributing to the Wikispecies project for fifteen years or more. It exists so that editors can celebrate a decade of contributing to a project they are passionate about, to help form connections between long-term participants in the project, and to allow the sharing of perspectives and expertise. It is not intended as a form of one-upmanship, but as a good-natured recognition of enthusiasm and dedication.



Membership, as the name suggests, is simply conditional upon having been an editor for at least fifteen years. In the original spirit of wiki cooperation as it began, membership is entirely optional and freely given. Any editor may suggest membership to or bestow membership upon any qualifying editor, who is welcome to accept or decline it. There is an invitation template that can be used to invite new members.

Members are listed at Category:Members of the Fifteen Year Society of Wikispecies editors. Those who would like to indicate membership of the Society on their user page can use the {{User Fifteen Year Society}} userbox.