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Welcome to the Community Portal!
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Welcome to Wikispecies. The links below provide access to the community as well as information about the project.

The community

  • See the Village Pump to discuss the project:
  • See Wikispecies:Administrators' Noticeboard to get the attention of the project's administrators.
  • See Wikispecies:Requested articles for requested articles.
  • See Wikispecies:Done and to do for things to do. Please also read What Wikispecies is not about things not to do.
  • Wikispecies:Requests for Comment allows you to solicit feedback from others or to adjudicate disputes.
  • Wikispecies:Projects provides information on some projects under discussion and development, such as Project Cleanup with the aim of cleaning up pages in need of attention, like: Orphaned Pages, Stubs, Unverified Pages, Disputed Taxa and Homonyms. Wikispecies:Project Wikidata aims to discuss and eventually work for an integration of Wikispecies into Wikidata.