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Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Protozoa
Subregnum: Eozoa
Infraregnum: Euglenozoa
Phylum: Euglenozoa
Subphylum: Saccostoma
Classis: Kinetoplastea
Subclasses: Metakinetoplastina – Prokinetoplastina

Genera (incertae sedis): Hemistasia – Klosteria


Kinetoplastea Honigberg, 1963 em. Cavalier-Smith, 1993


Kinetoplastida Honigberg, 1963
Kinetoplastidea Corliss, 1984
Kinetoplasta Sleigh, 1989; Cavalier-Smith, 1993


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  • Kinetoplastea in the World Register of Marine Species

Alternative classifications[edit]

Grell (1968)[edit]

Grell K.G. (1968). Protozoologie. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, 511 pp, [1].


Vickerman (1976)[edit]

Vickerman, K., 1976, The diversity of the kinetoplastid flagellates. In: W.H.R. Lumsden and D.A. Evans (eds.), Biology of the Kinetoplastida, Vol. 1, Academic Press, New York and London, pp. 1-34, [2].

Honigberg et al. (1964)[edit]

Honigberg, B.M., Balamuth, W., Bovee, E.C., Corliss, J.O., Gojdics, M., Hall, R.P., Kudo, R.R., Levine, N.D., Loeblich, A.R.Jr., Weiser, J. and Wenrich, D.H., 1964: A revised classification of the phylum Protozoa. Journal of Protozoology, 11(1), p. 7-20, [3], [4]. See Fernández-Galiano (1964), [5].

In Phylum Protozoa

John O. Corliss (1984)[edit]

From The kingdom Protista and its 45 phyla

In Kingdom Protista, Assemblage "Euglenozoa"
Phylum Kinetoplastidea Honigberg, 1963

Sleigh (1989)[edit]

Sleigh, M. (1989). Protozoa and Other Protists. 2nd ed. Edward Arnold, London, [6], [7].

"four sets of protistan phyla"

Vickerman in Margulis et al. (1990)[edit]

Vickerman, K., 1990. 14f. Phylum Zoomastigina, Class Kinetoplastida. In: Margulis, L., J.O. Corliss, M. Melkonian, D.J. Chapman (ed.). Handbook of Protoctista. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Boston, p. 215-238. See Brands, S.J. (1989-2015), [8].

Kingdom Protoctista

Cavalier-Smith (1993)[edit]

Cavalier-Smith, T. (1993). The origin, losses and gains of chloroplasts. In: Origins of plastids (pp. 291-348). Springer US, [9].

T. Cavalier-Smith (1993).[edit]

From Kingdom Protozoa and its 18 phyla, [10].

Empire Eukaryota

Cavalier-Smith (1998)[edit]

From A revised six-kingdom system of life

Phylum Euglenozoa

  • Subphylum Saccostoma
    • Class Kinetoplastea Honigberg, 1963 stat. nov. Margulis, 1974

Alimov et al. (2000)[edit]

Alimov, A. F. ed. (А. Ф. Алимов). 2000. Protista 1: Handbook on zoology (Протисты 1: руководство по зоологии). St. Petersburg: Nauka, 2000, 679 pp. (in Russian, with English summaries), [11].


Vickerman in Lee et al. (2000)[edit]

Vickerman, K. 2000. Order Kinetoplastea Honigberg, 1963. In: Lee, J.J., Leedale, G.F. & Bradbury, P. An Illustrated Guide to the Protozoa. Society of Protozoologists/Allen Press: Lawrence, Kansas, U.S.A, 2nd ed., vol. 2, p. 1159-1180, [12]. See Brands, S.J. (1989-2015), [13].

In “protozoa”, “flagellated protists”,

Vernacular names[edit]

беларуская: Кінетапластыды