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Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Protozoa
Subregnum: Eozoa
Infraregnum: Euglenozoa
Phylum: Euglenozoa
Subphylum: Saccostoma
Classis: Kinetoplastea
Subclassis: Metakinetoplastina
Ordo: Trypanosomatida
Subordo: Trypanosomatina
Familia: Trypanosomatidae


Trypanosomatida Kent, Man. Infus. 218 (1881) (“Trypanosomata”)

Similar groups:

Trypanosomatina Levine et al., 1980
Trypanosomatophyceae Silva, 1980


Primary references[edit]

  • Saville-Kent, W. 1880-1881. A manual of the infusoria, including a description of all known flagellate, ciliate, and tentaculiferous protozoa, British and foreign and an account of the organization and affinities of the sponges. Vol. I. London: David Bogue. BHL Reference page

Additional references[edit]

  • Simpson, A.G.B.; Stevens, J.R.; Lukeš, J. 2006. The evolution and diversity of kinetoplastid flagellates. Trends in Parasitology 22: 168–174. DOI: 10.1016/

Alternative classifications[edit]

Leedale & Vickerman, in Lee et al. (2000)[edit]

Leedale, G.F. & Vickerman, K., 2000. Phylum Euglenozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1981. In: Lee, J.J., Leedale, G.F. & Bradbury, P. An Illustrated Guide to the Protozoa. Society of Protozoologists/Allen Press: Lawrence, Kansas, U.S.A, 2nd ed., vol. 2, p. 1135-1185, [1]. See Brands, S.J. (1989-2015), [2].

In “protozoa”, “flagellated protists