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Criteria for speedy deletion

Wikispecies' deletion policy allows administrators and bureaucrats to summarily delete pages that meet one or more of the criteria for speedy deletion. All users can propose a page to be deleted. Deletion is reversible, but only by administrators and bureaucrats.

If you want to propose a page for speedy deletion, insert {{Delete|Reason}} at the very top of the page, interchanging the word "Reason" with your actual reason for the specific deletion request. This places the page in Category:Candidates for speedy deletion which is regularly monitored by admins.


  1. Test page or nonsense. This includes test edits (e.g., "asdf" or "Can I really create a page here?"), obvious nonsense with no meaningful content, corrupt images, or legitimately blanked pages.
  2. Reposted content previously deleted according to this deletion policy, unless it was significantly rewritten in a manner that calls into question the deletion reason.
  3. Banned contributor. Content created and edited solely by a banned user after they were banned, where there is possibility of bad faith. Good contributions by a banned user should be accepted, but where bad faith is possible it should be assumed. Note that this is a controversial clause, and such deletions may be contested.
  4. Redundant material. A page that is identical to another, with no significant differences between them.
  5. Copyright infringement. Content which is a clear and proven copyright violation, or content previously deleted as a copyright violation.
  6. Author's request. Deletion per request of the author, if the author is the only significant contributor, the request is not in bad faith, and the content is not to the benefit of Wikispecies.
  7. Pages or media files clearly irrelevant or out of scope of the Wikispecies project; including unambiguous advertising or spam
  8. Content intended as vandalism, threat or attack. This includes pages that are hoaxes or unambiguous misinformation, or that are intended to disparage or threaten a subject in any way.

Content pages

  1. Articles transwikied to another Wikimedia project, if a soft redirect is not appropriate.


No longer in use since local uploads have been disabled
  1. Noncommercial or by-permission-only images.
  2. Files which are unsourced or unlicensed for more than seven days after the uploader was notified.
  3. Available on Wikimedia Commons. Files which are exact or scaled-down duplicates of files available on Wikimedia Commons under the same filename; if Commons' filename is different, local filename must be orphaned or redirected to the former on Commons.


  1. Trivial deletions that are highly unlikely to be controversial (such as in preparation for a page move or history merge).
  2. Unneeded or broken redirects that do not have a serious edit history.
  3. Unneeded talk. A discussion page for deleted or nonexistent content.
  4. Categories empty for at least 30 days and not marked as needed for bug tracking.