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Class Ellobiophyceae Loeblich III, 1970

Synonyms and similar groups


Grassé (1952)[edit]

Grassé, P.-P., 1952. Ellobiopsidae. In: Grassé, P.-P. (Ed.). Traité de Zoologie. Vol. 1.1, Protozoaires: Flagellés, 1952. Masson, Paris, [1], [2], [3], [4].

Règne animal

John O. Corliss (1984)[edit]

From The kingdom Protista and its 45 phyla

In Kingdom Protista, Assemblage "Dinoflagellates" incertae sedis
Group Ellobiophyceae Loeblich III, 1970
Synonym Ellobiopsidea [?]

Whisler in Margulis et al. (1990)[edit]

Whisler, H.C., 1990. 36a. Incertae Sedis, Ellobiopsida. In: Margulis, L., J.O. Corliss, M. Melkonian, D.J. Chapman (ed.). Handbook of Protoctista. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Boston, p. 715-719. See Brands, S.J. (1989-2015), [5].

Kingdom Protoctista

Cavalier-Smith (1993)[edit]

From Kingdom Protozoa and its 18 phyla

In Phylum Dinozoa, Subphylum Protalveolata
Class Ellobiopsea orthog. emend. pro Ellobiophyceae Loeblich III, 1970

David J. Patterson (1999)[edit]

From The Diversity of Eukaryotes

In Eukaryotes
Clade Ellobiopsids