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Interface administrators (interface-admins) are users who can edit all Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript (JS), and Javascript Object Notation (JSON) pages, as well as pages in the MediaWiki namespace. These pages are executed by the browser of wiki editors and readers as code, which can be used to change how content is styled, change the behavior of pages, or even create complex tools to help with editing. All registered users may edit their own personal JS/CSS/JSON pages (as described on Wikipedia:User scripts) but interface administrators are the only local user group that has the ability to edit any CSS or JS page in Wikispecies, including the scripts of other users.

The promotion to interface administrator is time-limited to one year, after which the user is automatically demoted. If needed the user may then reapply their application for a new period. The time-limit is in place as a proactive measure due to the fact that this user right unlocks some powerful tools that may be potentially dangerous in the hands of a malicious user. This is also why interface administrator user rights are only granted to users who are highly trusted, have at least a basic understanding of CSS and JS, are aware of the privacy policies and praxis of Wikimedia wikis, and have a decent understanding of how to secure their account (choosing strong and unique passwords, avoiding malware infection, and using two-factor authentication for logins).

If you need assistance of an interface administrator, you can make a request at the Interface administrators' Noticeboard.

List of Interface administrators

There are currently 1 interface administrator on Wikispecies.

Interface Admin userbox on Wikispecies

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This user is a MediaWiki Interface administrator on Wikispecies. (verify)

Interface administrators may use the Interface Administrator user box on their user page by copy-pasting the following code to their user page:

{{User Interface Admin}} Note que a caixa de usuário é exclusiva para membros do grupo de Administração de interface.

Solicitações de permissão de inteface

Por favor explique aqui o porque você precisa do acesso de Administrador de Interfaces. Após sete dias, se houver um acordo geral que você deveria ser um Administrador de Interfaces, um dos Burocratas irão preencher o pedido.

Você pode usar {{subst:RFIA|Nome de Usuário|Porque você quer ser um Administrador de Interfaces.}} quando fazer um pedido para automaticamente criar um formulário.

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