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Welcome to the Wikispecies Projects main page. This page is presenting different subprojects within the Wikispecies project. If you want to follow the discussions here, and get notification when the page changes, please add this page to your watch list, and each time you login, you will see changes on your watchlist.


To identify, present and briefly describe the different projects within Wikispecies. Each project has a full description on the specific project page.

Things you can do[edit]

Add existing projects to the listings, and if you see a need to start a new project, present your idea on the discussion page.

Active Projects[edit]

Presently Wikispecies has several active projects:

2 people Participants[edit]

Suggestions for new projects[edit]

If you have any suggestions for new Wikispecies Projects, please add them below.

  • Zootaxa template renaming. Rename these templates to more meaningful names and delete redirects.