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Requested articles[edit]

Add article requests below. If you create an article, please come back and remove it from this list. Blue links represent articles which exist and therefore, if they are not homonyms (used by another taxon), they can be removed.

  1. Ailuroidea – cats etc? *en:Aeluroidea?
  2. Alloeocoela – a marine worm (Turbellaria)
  3. Anthus flava cinereocapilla – probably ashy-headed wagtail, see Motacilla flava cinereocapilla Savi, 1831
  4. Blastomycetes – anamorphic yeast fungi
  5. Caesalpinea spinosa – a Peruvian plant that is used to heal people called Tara. Caesalpinia spinosa seems to be the correct spelling.
  6. Calcichordates – fossil invertebrates. See en: Stylophora, which is synonymous.
  7. CIRA – repository harbouring ichthyological type material (e.g. the Anablepsoides chapare holotype) and possibly also specimen of other phyla or perhaps even regna
  8. Cladoxylopsida, Cladoxyleae, Cladoxylon – fossil trees (See "Nature")
  9. Cyanidophytes – red algae (mentioned in "Nature")
  10. Diprodon – looks like error for either Diprotodon (giant wombat) or Diplodon (shellfish)
  11. Eutriconodonta – an order of early mammals
  12. Isoxys – fossil Arthropoda
  13. Lancearius esau [Coleoptera: Curculionidae] Commons: Lancearius esau lateral. Arizona State University Charles W. O'Brien Collection.
  14. Ledebouriellae divaricatae – from Wiktionary 防風
  15. Pelorovis oldowayensis – added 2015-04-07T04:40:47 by IP 2601:8:1C01:2971:40E9:E7F4:5B8:E9EF
  16. Plectonaema boryanum – a type of blue-green algae. This belongs to a disputed taxon. See Oscillatoriaceae.
  17. Saposhnikoviae divaricata – Googling I find this as a synonym of Ledebouriellae divaricatae
  18. Smegmamorpha – monophyletic group of fishes, see en:Synbranchiformes#Taxonomy
  19. Streptophytina – see Wikipedia
  20. Tapes decussatus – mollusk

From Wiktionary[edit]

  • Users in Wiktionary have requested species within the following genera (and other taxa).
  • See Wiktionary:Requested entries:Scientific names for details.
  • An entry for them in Wikispecies would be useful.
  • Someone from Wiktionary will remove blue links from here as they are created.
Anona (Asimina obovata) *Or could be an error for Annona
Aphaniptera (=Siphonaptera)
Bullinella (a genus in the family Cylichnidae; it contains at least one species, Bullinella enysi)
Carpocapsa (Cydia)
Cicindela danica (a species of the genus Cicindela, described by Linnaeus; here is (a translation of) his description)
Didelphys (en:Didelphis?)
Didus (Raphus cucullatus)
Eloria (Xenosoma flaviceps & Xenosoma geometrina)
Gasterophilidae = Oestridae? en: Botfly
Guilielma (Bactris gasipaes)
Lophocroa (Cacatua) See en:Cockatoo for taxonomy article.
Metastriata (type of hard tick)
Pharomacrus (Pharomachrus?) See en: Quetzal
Plectronia laurentii
Prostriata (type of hard tick)
Sphenodo (Sphenodon?)

From Wikipedia[edit]

Wikipedia:Typo Team/moss is using Wikispecies as one of its spell-check dictionaries. It has identified a number of lists of species which can be imported into Wikispecies fairly directly, since Wikipedia has a compatible copyright license. It would be helpful for spell-checking purposes if Wikispecies entries were created for all these species, assuming they are correct. This should also reduce work for Wikispecies, since the effort of collecting these has already been done.

Articles of interest include species showing up as red links on the following pages.

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