Solanum nigrescens

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Taxonavigation: Solanales 
Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Cladus: Lamiids
Ordo: Solanales

Familia: Solanaceae
Subfamilia: Solanoideae
Tribus: Solaneae
Genus: Solanum
Subgenus: S. subg. Solanum
Sectio: S. sect. Solanum
Species: Solanum nigrescens


Solanum nigrescens M.Martens & Galeotti (1845:140)

  • Lectotype: H. Galeotti 1238 (P00337261, P)
    • Isolectotypes: BR (BR000000825045, BR0000008250483), W (acc. no. 0022312, acc. no. 1889-0291397)
    • designated by D'Arcy (1974:737)
  • Type location: Mexico. Oaxaca: "aux bords des ruiseaux de la cordillera de Yavezia", Nov-Apr 1848.


(After Knapp & al., 2019)

  • Solanum nodiflorum var. puberulum Dunal (1852:46) S. nodiflorum = S. americanum
    • Lectotype: J.L. Berlandier 1904 (G00144231, G-DC)
    • Isolectotype: MO (acc. no. 5481286), NY (NY00743232), P (P00319514), W (acc. no. 0022313).
      • Designated by Edmonds (1972:103, "holotype").
    • Type location: "Mexico, Bejar" [i.e. United States of America. Texas: Bexar County], Oct 1828.
  • Solanum caribaeum Dunal (1852:48)
    • Lectotype: s.c. s.n. (G0000144199, G-DC)
      • Designated by D'Arcy (1974:735)
    • Type location: "In insulis Caribaeis, Jamaica, Guadalupâ".
  • Solanum crenatodentatum var. ramosissimum Dunal (1852:54, S. crenatodentatum = S. furcatum
    • In the interval between Särkinen et al. (2018) and Knapp et al. (2019), the authors came to believe this name (originally listed under S. chenopodioides
      ) belonged to the synonymy of S. nigrescens. The name is mistakenly listed under the synonymy of both species in Knapp et al. (2019) due to the reuse of the unaltered synonymy from Särkinen et al. (2018).
    • Holotype: G.D. Barbe 82 (P00362535, P)
    • Type locality: United States of America. Louisiana: "Basse Louisiane"
  • Solanum nigrum var. amethystinum Kuntze (1891:455)
  • Solanum amethystinum (Kuntze) Heiser (1955:296)
    • Neotype: O.E. Kuntze s.n. (NY00688134, NY)
      • Designated by Knapp et al., 2019.
    • Type location: Costa Rica. San José/Cartago: "Irazu", 24 Jun 1874.
  • Solanum prionopterum Bitter (1912:5)
    • Holotype: J. Gollmer s.n. (B, destroyed; F neg. 2699)
      • This may be part of the same original material as used to describe S. gollmeri (Knapp et al., 2019).
    • Type location: Venezuela. Distrito Federal: "Caracas, in arena ad rivulum in valle loci dicti Valle", 25 Mar 1854.
  • Solanum gollmeri Bitter (1912:202)
    • Holotype: s.c. s.n. (B, destroyed; F neg. 2689)
    • Lectotype: F (V0361922F, acc. no. 621268; mounted on sheet with F neg. 2689)
      • Designated by Knapp et al. (2019).
    • Type location: Cultivated in Berlin ("horto bot. Berol.") from seeds sent from Caracas, Venezuela by J. Gollmer, 1859.
  • Solanum pruinosum var. phyllolophum Bitter (1913:77)
    • Type: None cited, "probably described from living plants" (Knapp et al., 2019).
    • Type location: Cultivated in Europe, seeds from Mexico from David Fairchild as USDA-32065.
  • Solanum subelineatum Bitter (1913:79)
    • Type: None cited, "possibly described from living plants" (Knapp et al., 2019), any material in Bremen destroyed in WWII.
    • Type location: Cultivated at Bremen from seeds from Mexico sent by U. S. Dept. Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry, no. 32067.
  • Solanum oligospermum Bitter (1913:80)
    • Lectotype: C.G. Pringle 4948 (Z000033841, Z)
    • Isolectotypes: BM (BM001017184), BR (BR0000005537983), E (E00570141), GOET (GOET003559), HBG (HBG511469), KFTA (KFTA0000498), NDG (NDG45082), NY (NY00139012), PH (PH00030459), S (acc. no. S-G5704), US (US00027711, acc. no. 251984; US01014256, acc. no. 1418095), W (acc. no. 1895-0004424).
      • Designated by Edmonds (1972:108)
    • Type location: Mexico. Oaxaca: Sierra de San Felipe, 7500 ft., Oct 1894.
  • Solanum durangoense Bitter (1913:82)
    • Holotype: E. Palmer 101 (B, destroyed)
    • Lectotype: US (US00027556, acc. no. 304231)
    • Isolectotypes: BM (BM001034665), F (V0073093F, acc. no. 51213, F. neg. 052464), K (K000063870), MO (MO-568723, acc. no. 1718478), NY (NY00138982)
      • Designated by D'arcy (1974:738).
    • Type location: Mexico. Durango: "prope urbem Durango", Apr 1896.
  • Solanum purpuratum Bitter (1913:85)
    • Holotype: J.K. Small & J.J. Carter 8805 (P, P00369223)
    • Isotypes: F (acc. # 283797), K (K001161011), NY (NY00111385), US (US00027765, acc. # 758168)).
    • Type location: Bahamas. Andros Island: Coppice, near Fresh Creek, Northern Section, 28–13 Jan 1910
  • Solanum approximatum Bitter (1913:86)
    • Holotype: G.E. Nichols 89 (B, destroyed)
    • Lectotype: NY (NY00111374)
    • Isolectotypes: F (F0073167F, acc. no. 147000), GH (GH00077545), MO (MO-503650, acc. no. 1815480), US (US00027456, acc. no. 429037), YU (YU065289).
      • Designated by Knapp et al. (2019).
    • Type location: Jamaica. Saint Andrew: Hardwar Gap, 4000 ft., 17 Jun 1903
  • Solanum costaricense Heiser (1955:297)
    • Holotype: C.B. Heiser 3536 (two-sheets holotype: IND1000067, acc. no. 95105 and IND1000068, acc. no. 95106; IND)
    • Isotypes CORD (CORD00004189), US.
    • Type location: Costa Rica. Heredia: La Paz, by waterfall, on road to Vara Blanca, about 29 mi. from Heredia, 1400 m, 13 Sep 1953.


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Vernacular names[edit]

(Knapp & al., 2019)

English: divine nightshade
español: Tomaquilit, Hierba de golpe, Mahuán, Capulín,Bishate (bishte, bisnate), Tomatal montes, Tonchichi, barbechos, Quelite de jitomate, Teconchichi, Macuy, Pipitzco, Chichiquelite, Chilillo, Tomatito de sabana
日本語: オオイヌホオズキ
Nāhuatl: Tomalkilit
tao: Mu Itaj Tukumal ejal,
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