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Taxonavigation: Cynipoidea 

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Cladus: Unikonta
Cladus: Opisthokonta
Cladus: Holozoa
Regnum: Animalia
Subregnum: Eumetazoa
Cladus: Bilateria
Cladus: Nephrozoa
Cladus: Protostomia
Cladus: Ecdysozoa
Cladus: Panarthropoda
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Hexapoda
Classis: Insecta
Cladus: Dicondylia
Subclassis: Pterygota
Cladus: Metapterygota
Infraclassis: Neoptera
Cladus: Eumetabola
Cladus: Endopterygota
Superordo: Hymenopterida
Ordo: Hymenoptera
Subordo: Apocrita
Superfamilia: Cynipoidea

Familia: Cynipidae
Subfamilia: Cynipinae
Tribus: Cynipini
Genus: Neuroterus
Species: N. abdominalis – N. albipes – N. numismalis – N. quercusbaccarum – N. sculpturatus


Neuroterus Hartig, 1840


  • Hartig, T. 1840. Über die Familie der Gallwespen. Zeitschrift für die Entomologie 2: 176–209. BHL Reference page
  • Jennings, M.T. 2013: Neuroterus aprilinus (Giraud, 1859) (Hymenoptera, Cynipidae) and an associated parasitoid Aprostocetus aethiops (Zetterstedt, 1838) (Hymenoptera, Eulophidae) reared from Kent, U.K. Entomologist's monthly magazine 149(1784-86): 68. [not seen] Reference page


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