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  • If you need oversighter assistance on Wikispecies, please email the stewards at with the diff links or page history link that should be suppressed and a clear explanation for such action. Do not post any details for suppression in public. Stewards should also be able to help if you need assistance with a cross-wiki problem.


Oversighters as of 6月 2024: 0 (edit)

In emergencies (e.g. when no local oversighter is available), oversight requests can be referred to the stewards, who can be contacted at


Oversighters are administrators with the technical ability on Wikispecies to hide (suppress) data so that it can no longer be seen by normal editors. They are able to suppress revisions from a page or media file history, user names in edit histories and logs, and portions of individual log entries.

Suppressed data remain permanently inaccessible through the wiki. Therefore, it cannot be accidentally restored when a page is deleted and undeleted. Suppressed data can be viewed and restored only by oversighters.

グローバルポリシーでは、以下のケースで秘匿が認められています :

  1. 非公開個人情報の除去: 電話番号、自宅住所、勤務先、アカウント利用者や匿名利用者の身元で本人が公開していないもの、もしくは、著名人でも公開していない個人情報に当たるもの。
  2. 名誉毀損の恐れのある記述の除去
    a)ウィキメディア財団からの勧告による場合 または
  3. 著作権侵害の除去 : ウィキメディア財団からの勧告による場合
  4. 露骨で不適切な利用者名を、履歴を分断せずに自動的生成リストから秘匿: 個人攻撃、嫌がらせ、中傷、脅迫、名誉棄損などが該当します。


Oversighters on Wikispecies are bound by the meta oversight policy, the meta privacy policy and the WMF access to nonpublic data policy.




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