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Ophiomusium, Ophiomusa, Ophiosphalma[edit]

In {{Hertz, 1927}} the following species are moved from Ophiomusium to Ophiomusa:

Ophiomusium canaliculatum H.L. Clark, 1917
Ophiomusium facundum Koehler, 1922
Ophiomusium fallax Koehler, 1904
Ophiomusium luetkeni Lyman, 1878
Ophiomusium lunare Lyman, 1878
Ophiomusium lymani Wyville-Thomson, 1873
Ophiomusium muta Hertz, 1927
Ophiomusium relictum Koehler, 1904
Ophiomusium scalare Lyman, 1878
Ophiomusium trychnum H.L. Clark, 1911

In {{Clark, 1941}} Ophiosphalma is created, and are moved from Ophiomusium to Ophiosphalma the following species:

Ophiomusium armigerum Lyman 1878 [page 99]
Ophiomusium monoplax H. L. Clark, 1915 [page 99]
Ophiomusium planum Lyman, 1878 (type designation) [page 99]
Ophiomusium serratum Lyman, 1878 [page 100]

In {{Baker, 2016}}, the following species belongs to Ophiosphalma:

Ophiomusium archaster Lyman, 1878 (see also Ophiomusa archaster (Lyman, 1878)) [page 26]
Ophiomusium armatum Koehler, 1922 (see also Ophiomusa armata (Koehler, 1922)) [page 26]
Ophiomusium breve H.L. Clark, 1939 (see also Ophiomusa breve (H.L. Clark, 1939)) [page 27]

In {{O’Hara et al., 2018}} the remaining species in the genus Ophiomusium, excepted the type species Ophiomusium eburneum Lyman, 1869, and included the 3 species above are moved to the genus Ophiomusa.


When moving the remaining species from Ophiomusium to Ophiomusa {{O’Hara et al., 2018}} ignore, and don't even mention {{Baker, 2016}} who have already moved three of the species concerned to Ophiosphalma. Furthermore WoRMS also doesn't mention those 3 new combinations made by {{Baker, 2016}}, not even as unaccepted combinations.


Several Ophiosphalma/Ophiomusa species have been changed; Ophiuroglypha and Glaciacantha are accepted; some changes to species of Ophioderma.

Unclear WoRMS quotes[edit]