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Also contributor in Wikimedia Commons and in Wikidata my interest is more towards marine species, but my uploader activity in Wikimedia Commons leads me to be interested with all the taxonomy in general.


Malacology Collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia


  • Redirect for a non-valid homonym
  • User:Christian Ferrer/sandbox
  • Category:Formatting templates
  • Example of invalid taxon : Ophiodromus adorsosetosus
  • Example of reference template : Template:Sars, 1871, look at {{Oudemans, 1902}}see also
  • {{ResGate|231813315}} {{access|open}}
  • {{commons|Category:Media from Ron et al. 2018 - 10.3897/zookeys.809.25207|Ron et al., 2018}}
  • {{Taxa by author|Jeffrey Stefani|Stefani, Jeffrey}}
  • {{Eponyms by person|Wen-Ying Yin|Yin, Wen-Ying}}
  • {{Delete|Reason}}
  • {{Tysp}}
  • * {{int:Type species}}:
  • 29–60
  • =={{int:Nomenclatural acts}}==
  • * {{int:Date of publication}}:
  • * {{ZooBank|6149E423-3C28-47BB-89FC-927209B5D2DE}}
  • ==={{int:New names}}===
  • [see {{BHLpage|32451432|page 287}}]
  • #REDIRECT [[Plumarella aurea|Plumarella aurea]]
  • [[Category:Elisabeth Deichmann taxa]]
  • <noinclude>[[Category:Taxonavigation templates]]</noinclude> <includeonly>[[Category:Pages with taxonavigation templates]]</includeonly>
  • {{VN |fr=Onuphis Hermite}}
  • Example of template with parameter for pages in Internet Archive: Template:Baker, 1877, for pages in BHL : Template:Lohmann, 1889
see Q65467326

To do:

  • Polygyrinae : almost tribus quoted there belong to Triodopsinae, not to Polygyrinae
things to be modified:
Polygyrinae + template:Polygyrinae
{{Verrill, 1867}}
{{Verrill, 1867a}}
{{Verrill, 1867b}}
{{Verrill, 1868b}}
1868 [1]
1870 [2]
1870 [3]
1871 [4]
1871 [5]

to check :

Swiftia exserta: 190
Swiftia koreni: 189