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Also contributor in Wikimedia Commons and in Wikidata my interest is more towards marine species, but my uploader activity in Wikimedia Commons leads me to be interested with all the taxonomy in general.


see Q65467326

To do:

Helix multilineata p.150
synonym of Webbhelix multilineata (Say, 1821) (original description)
Helix appressa p.151
taxon inquirendum
Helix palliata p.152
synonym of Helix denotata Férussac, 1823 (see Lamarck, 1838: 115) accepted as Xolotrema denotatum (Férussac, 1823)
for WoRMS, synonym of Xolotrema notatum (Deshayes, 1830)
Helix inflecta p.153
synonym of Mesodon inflectus accepted as Inflectarius inflectus, type species of Inflectarius Pilsbry 1940 (see Pilsbry 1940: 766, 823)
synonym of Helix clausa (see Lamarck, 1838: 114)
Helix clausa p.154
synonym of Helix inflecta (see Lamarck, 1838: 114)
for WoRMS spelling is Helix clausus Say, 1821, synonym of Mesodon clausus (Say, 1821) (original description)
Helix obstrica p.154
synonyom of Xolotrema obstrictum (Say, 1821) (original description)
Helix elevata p.154
synonym of Mesodon elevatus (Say, 1821) (original description)
Helix interna p.155
synonym of Gastrodonta interna (Say, 1821) (original description)
Helix chersina p.156
synonym of Euconulus chersinus (Say, 1821) (original description)
Helix gularis p.156
synonym of Ventridens gularis (Say, 1821)
Helix ligera p.157
synonym of Ventridens ligera (Say, 1821) (original description)
Helix solitaria p.157
synonym of Anguispira kochi (L. Pfeiffer, 1846)
Helix jejuna p.158
synonym of Praticolella jejuna (Say, 1821) (original description)
Helix concava p.159
synonym of Haplotrema concavum (Say, 1821) (original desription)
Helix dealbata p.159
other spelling is Helix dealbatus Say, 1821 synonym of Rabdotus dealbatus dealbatus (Say, 1821)
Helix profunda p.160
synonym of Allogona profunda (Say, 1821)
Polygyra plicata p.161
synonym of Daedalochila plicata (Say, 1821) (original description)
Pupa armifera p.162
synonym of Gastrocopta armifera (Say, 1821) (original description)
Pupa rupicola p.163
synonym of Gastrocopta rupicola (Say, 1821) (original description)
Succinea ovalis p.163
additional reference, name accepted, see Succinea ovalis Say, 1817
Planorbis armigerus p.164
synonym of Planorbula armigera (Say, 1821) (original description)
Planorbis parallellus p.164
synonym of Helicodiscus parallelus (Say, 1821) (original description)
Planorbis exacuous p.165
synonym of Promenetus exacuous (Say, 1821) (original description)
Planorbis campanulatus p.166
synonym of Planorbella campanulata (Say, 1821), type species of Planorbella Haldeman, 1843 (original description)
Lymneus elongatus p.167
synonym of Catascopia elodes (Say, 1821)
Lymneus columellus p.167
Lymneus reflexus p.167
synonym of Catascopia elodes (Say, 1821)
Lymneus appressus p.168
synonym of Lymnaea stagnalis appressa (Say, 1821) accpeted as Lymnaea stagnalis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Lymneus elodes p.169
synonym of Ladislavella elodes (Say, 1821) (original description)
Lymneus desidiosus p.169
synonym of Ladislavella elodes (Say, 1821)
Lymneus macrostomus p.170
synonym of Pseudosuccinea columella (Say, 1817)
Lymneus emarginatus p.170
synonym of Ladislavella emarginata (Say, 1821) (original description)
Physa gyrina p.171
synonym of Physella gyrina (Say, 1821) (original description)
Physa elongata p.171
synonym of Sibirenauta elongata (Say, 1821) (original description)
Cyclostoma marginata p.172
synonym of Pupoides albilabris (C. B. Adams, 1841)
Valvata tricarinata p.173
additional reference, name accepted, see Valvata tricarinata (Say, 1817)
Paludina ponderosa p.173
synonym of Campeloma crassula Rafinesque, 1819 (Hersher and Thompson, 1995: 34) accepted as Campeloma crassulum Rafinesque, 1819
Paludina integra p.174
synonym of Cincinnatia integra (Say, 1821) (original description)
Paludina porata p.174
synonym of Amnicola limosus (Say, 1817)
Paludina lustrica p.175
suppressed per ICZN, Opinion 1108, 1978: 94
Melania canaliculata p.175
synonym of Pleurocera canaliculata (Say, 1821) (original description)
Melania elevata p.176
synonym of Pleurocera canaliculata (Say, 1821)
Melania conica p.176
synonym of Pleurocera canaliculata (Say, 1821)
Melania praerosa p.177
synonym of Leptoxis praerosa (Say, 1821), type species of Leptoxis Rafinesque, 1819 (original description)
Anculosa p.178
synonym of Leptoxis Rafinesque, 1819
Melania armigera p.178
synonym of Lithasia armigera (Say, 1821) (original description)
Bulla fluviatilis p.178
synonym of Planorbella trivolvis (Say, 1817)
  • Polygyrinae : almost tribus quoted there belong to Triodopsinae, not to Polygyrinae
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