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This page permits users to request, and bureaucrats to consider and carry out, the "usurpation" or "rename" of usernames. This consists of renaming an existing dormant account in order to permit another user to adopt the name, or just moving a username to a currently unused one.

If you wish to request usurpation, please read and follow the instructions below. The account you want to usurp should have no edits or log entries (except in the username creation log) to qualify for usurpation, although rare exceptions are made where old edits do not require attribution under the GFDL. Please do not request usurpation if your user account is less than several months old, or barely used; unless this is for SUL purposes and you are active on another project. In order to ensure that usurped usernames be put to good use, we prefer only to grant requests from reasonably well-established users.


Before filing a request please consider the following if this isn't an SUL request:

  • If the change is small, such as adding or removing numbers or changing vowels, it is normally better to change your signature to alter your appearance.
  • It is quicker and easier to simply create a new account and link to your old contributions. Dead accounts are harmless.
  • Signatures and other hardcoded text will not be changed, you will have to manually edit to get rid of them.
  • If you still want to change your username:
  • Log in to your present account.
  • Leave a message on the talk page of the target account notifying the user of your request. ({{renamed}} may be helpful for SUL requests)
    Please do not e-mail the target account yourself. If this becomes necessary, a bureaucrat will do so.
  • Add your request to this page using the proper template. This may be done via a shortcut (1) or by the traditional method (2):
(1) The shortcut: Click this link. Replace "REQUESTED_NAME" with the username you wish to usurp, and "CURRENT_NAME" with your current username. You may include some reason for the change beneath the template if you wish. Leave the "Subject/headline" field blank.
(2) The traditional method: Click "edit this page"; copy the following text and paste it at the bottom of that section.
{{subst:usurp|CURRENT_NAME|REQUESTED_NAME}} ~~~~
Replace "REQUESTED_NAME" with the username you wish to usurp, and "CURRENT_NAME" with your current username. You may include some reason for the change beneath the template if you wish.
  • If you are requesting a change to make your username the same as it is on other wikis, please provide a crosslink (some sort of proof that you are the userid you request on the other wiki, such as an edit by that ID there saying you are the old ID here, or a reference to a WikiMatrix). This is to prevent impersonation.
  • Check your spelling and click "Save page".
  • Your request is now complete and ready to be processed. If the owner of the target account does not object within seven days, a bureaucrat will fulfill your request provided other requirements are met. Mark the date, so you will not be surprised when you find yourself unable to log in to your old account.
  • If you are just requesting a rename, please use
    {{subst:rename|CURRENT_NAME|REQUESTED_NAME}} ~~~~



  • When the rename has been completed, your account will have been renamed, and any contributions you have made (including deleted contributions) will be reattributed to your new account as a background process. Your account preferences, watchlist contents, password, etc. will all be preserved, and your user and user talk pages will have been moved to the new name.
    Note: The process responsible for reallocating old contributions is currently dependent upon the job queue mechanism. As such, you may find old contributions do not immediately appear under your new account; this is perfectly normal. Updates should take at most a day to complete, although the length of time will vary according to the size of the job queue on this wiki, and the status of the server processes which process this queue.
  • The change will appear in the user rename log and the request will be moved to the archives in the interest of transparency. It is not possible to rename accounts without an entry being created in the log.
  • This change will not affect signatures you have already left on talk pages, or other places where you signed your username with ~~~~. Those pages will continue to display your signature (including the link to your old username) unless edited manually.
  • If you are using a raw signature, you will need to change it in your preferences.
  • Be aware: Once you have been renamed, your old account will no longer exist and may potentially be recreated by a third party. This is true even if your old account pages have been redirected towards your new account. To guard against impersonation, you may wish to recreate the old account yourself.
  • For bureaucrats: Our policy is that we can conduct rename right away if the account has 0 edits. If the account has any edits, we have to give 8 days of notice for the user to accept or reject the rename. You can use this usurp notice to contact the account owner that is about to be usurped. For SUL issues, the renaming can be done immediately.