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  • See also: Help:Reference section#Reference_Templates
  • Remove the tags <nowiki></nowiki> at the start and end of the preloaded content.
  • Remove unwanted content if necessary.
  • Replace and/or add the missing content.
  • Some journals:
[[ISSN 1314-2836|''Biodiversity Data Journal'']]Biodiversity Data Journal
[[ISSN 2118-9773|''European Journal of Taxonomy'']]European Journal of Taxonomy
[[ISSN 2535-0730|''Evolutionary Systematics'']]Evolutionary Systematics
[[ISSN 1937-7835|''Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation'']]Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation
[[ISSN 1447-2546|''Memoirs of Museum Victoria'']]Memoirs of Museum Victoria
[[ISSN 0104-6497|''Nauplius'']]Nauplius
[[ISSN 2167-8359|''PeerJ'']]PeerJ
[[ISSN 1932-6203|''PLoS ONE'']]PLoS ONE
[[ISSN 0067-1975|''Records of the Australian Museum'']]Records of the Australian Museum
[[ISSN 1313-2989|''ZooKeys'']]ZooKeys
[[ISSN 1984-4670|''Zoologia'']]Zoologia
[[ISSN 1280-9551|''Zoosystema'']]Zoologia
[[ISSN 1435-1935|''Zoosystematics and Evolution'']]Zoosystematics and evolution
[[ISSN 1175-5326|''Zootaxa'']]Zootaxa
[[ISSN 1768-1448|''Subterranean Biology'']]Subterranean biology
{{BHL page}}
{{ResearchGate Publication}}
  • In case of a big number of names, a sortable table:

{| border="1" class="wikitable sortable"

!Original name !! Current name !! Page !! Link
| Aspidura || ''[[Aspidura (Agassiz)|Aspiduriella]]'' [ ''nom. nov.'' ] || 192 || {{BHLpage|10596503}}


will render as:

Original name Current name Page Link
Aspidura Aspiduriella [ nom. nov. ] 192 BHL