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Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Chromista
Subregnum: Harosa
Infraregnum: Alveolata
Phylum: Ciliophora
Subphylum: Intramacronucleata
Classis: Phyllopharyngea
Subclassis: Suctoria
Ordines: Endogenida – Evaginogenida – Exogenida – Suctoria incertae sedis


Suctoria Claparède & Lachmann, 1858

Synonym: Suctorea

Vernacular names[edit]

беларуская: Сысучыя інфузорыі


  • Dovgal, I.; Pešić, V. 2012: Suctorian ciliates (Ciliophora, Suctorea) as epibionts of stream-dwelling aquatic beetles (Coleoptera) and water mites (Acari: Hydrachnidia) in the southwestern Palaearctic region. Zootaxa, 3166: 34–40. Preview
  • Sergeeva, N.G. & Dovgal, I. 2016. Loricophrya bosporica n. sp. (Ciliophora, Suctorea) epibiont of Desmoscolex minutus (Nematoda, Desmoscolecida) from oxic/anoxic boundary of the Black Sea Istanbul Strait’s outlet area. Zootaxa 4061(5): 596–600. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4061.5.9 Reference page


Alternative classifications[edit]

Kahl (1930-1935)[edit]

Kahl, A. (1930–35). Urtiere oder Protozoa I: Wimpertiere oder Ciliata (Infusoria). In: Die Tierwelt Deutschlands 18, (Ed. F. Dahl). 4 vols. G. Fischer, Jena, [1], [2].

Patterson, D.J. (1978). Kahl's Keys to the Ciliates. Translation of the keys from Wimpertiere oder Ciliata. 1978, University of Bristol, [3].

Kudo (1954)[edit]

From Protozoology, 4th ed., [4].

Phylum Protozoa Goldfuss

  • Subphylum Ciliophora Doflein
    • Class 1 Ciliata Perty
    • Class 2 Suctoria Claparède and Lachmann
      • Family 1 Dendrosomidae Bütschli
        • Genus Dendrosoma Ehrenberg, Genus Trichophrya Claparède and Lachmann (Platophrya Gonnërt), Genus Erastophrya Fauré-Fremiet, Genus Astrophrya Awerinzew, Genus Lernaeophrya Pérez, Genus Dendrosomides Collin, Genus Rhabdophrya Chatton and Collin, Genus Staurophrya Zacharias
      • Family 2 Ophryodendridae Stein
        • Genus Ophryodendron Claparède and Lachmann
      • Family 3 Dendrocometidae Stein
        • Genus Dendrocometes Stein, Genus Stylocometes Stein, Genus Dendrocometides Swarczewsky, Genus Discosoma S., Genus Cometodendron S.
      • Family 4 Podophryidae Bütschli
        • Genus Podophrya Ehrenberg, Genus Parapodophrya Kahl, Genus Sphaerophrya Claparède and Lachmann, Genus Paracineta Collin, Genus Metacineta Bütschli, Genus Urnula Claparède and Lachmann, Genus Lecanophrya Kahl, Genus Ophryocephalus Wailes
      • Family 5 Acinetidae Bütschli
        • Genus Acineta Ehrenberg, Genus Tokophrya Bütschli, Genus Thecacineta Collin, Genus Periacineta Collin, Genus Hallezia Sand, Genus Solenophrya Claparède and Lachmann, Genus Acinetopsis Robin, Genus Tachyblaston Martin, Genus Dactylophrya Collin, Genus Pseudogemma Collin, Genus Endosphaera Engelmann, Genus Allantosoma Gassovsky, Genus Anarma Goodrich and Jahn, Genus Squalorophrya Goodrich and Jahn, Genus Multifasciculatum Goodrich and Jahn
      • Family 6 Discophryidae Collin
        • Genus Discophrya Lachmann, Genus Thaumatophrya Collin, Genus Rhynchophrya Collin, Genus Choanophrya Hartog, Genus Rhyncheta Zenker
      • Family 7 Ephelotidae Sand
        • Genus Ephelota Wright, Genus Podocyathus Kent

Honigberg et al. (1964)[edit]

In Class Ciliatea
Subclass Suctoria
Order Suctorida

Cavalier-Smith (1993)[edit]

From Kingdom Protozoa and its 18 phyla

In Class Phyllopharyngea
Subclass Suctoria Bütschli, 1889

Lynn (2008)[edit]

Lynn, Denis (2008). The Ciliated Protozoa: Characterization, Classification, and Guide to the Literature (3 ed.). Springer. p. 10, [5].

Phylum Ciliophora

Ruggiero et al. (2015)[edit]

Ruggiero, M.A., Gordon, D.P., Orrell, T.M., Bailly, N., Bourgoin, T., Brusca, R.C., Cavalier-Smith, T., Guiry, M. D. & Kirk, P. M. (2015). A Higher Level Classification of All Living Organisms. PLoS ONE 10(4): e0119248, [6].