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Taxonavigation: Entactinaria 

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Chromista
Subregnum: Harosa
Infraregnum: Rhizaria
Clade: Retaria
Phylum: Radiozoa
Classis: Polycystinea
Ordo: Entactinaria

Familia: Saturnalidae
Subfamilia: Saturnalinae
Genus: † Spinoellipsella
Species: † S. densispinosa – † S. latispinosa



Spinoellipsella Kozur & Mostler, 1990: 212

Type species: Spinoellipsella densispinosa Kozur & Mostler, 1990



Primary references

  • Kozur, H. & Mostler, H. 1990. Saturnaliacea Deflandre and some other stratigraphically important Radiolaria from the Hettangian of Lenggries/Isar (Bavaria, Northern Calcareous Alps). Geologisch-Paläontologische Mitteilungen Innsbruck 17: 179–248. Reference page