Solanum uncinellum

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Edwards's Bot. Reg., vol. 26, pl. 15.


Taxonavigation: Solanales 
Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Cladus: Lamiids
Ordo: Solanales

Familia: Solanaceae
Subfamilia: Solanoideae
Tribus: Solaneae
Genus: Solanum
Subgenus: S. subg. Solanum
Sectio: S. sect. Dulcamara
Species: Solanum uncinellum



Solanum uncinellum Lindl. (1840:pl. 15)

  • Holotype: s.c. s.n. (CGE)
  • Type location: Cultivated at the "garden of the Horticultural Society" [England. Chiswick], July 1837. Seeds of unrecorded origins.



(After Knapp, 2013, with bibliographical corrections; Dashed numbers are accession numbers, nondashed numbers are barcode numbers.)

  • Solanum scandens L. (1775:6) nom. illeg. non Mill., 1768 (=Lycianthes sp.)
  • "Solanum scandens L.f." (Suppl. Pl.:147. 1782) has frequently been cited as a synonym, but is not a new name (Knapp, 2013).
    • Lectotype: s.c. [C.G. Dalberg] s.n. (LINN 248.24, LINN; BH neg. 6807)
      • Designated by Knapp & Jarvis (1990:356).
    • Type location: "Suriname".
  • Solanum laetum Miq. (1851:135), nom. illeg. non Kunze, 1842 (=S. crispum
    Ruiz & Pav.)
  • Solanum miquelii C.V.Morton (1944:43), nom. nov.
  • Solanum scandens L. var. laetum (Miq.) Bitter ex Amshoff (in Maguire, 1948:655)
    • Holotype: H.C. Focke & A. Kappler 616 (U0006807, U)
    • Type location: "Surinam".
  • Witheringia pendula Roem. & Schult. (1818:135) non S. pendulum
    Ruiz & Pav. (1799)
    • Type: Originally from Link herbarium, presumed destroyed in B. No duplicate located (Knapp, 2013).
    • Type location: "Surinam".
  • Solanum pensile Sendtn. (1846:50)
    • Lectotype: C. Martius 2746 (M0166108, M)
      • Designated by Knapp (2013).
    • Type location: Brazil. Pará: "in sylvis ad Santarem e alibi prope fluvium Amazonum per prov. Paraënsum".
  • Solanum ipomoea Sendtn. Sendtn. (1846:50)
  • Solanum ipomoeum St.-Lag. (1880:135), isonym
    • Lectotype: C. Martius s.n. (M0171831, M; F neg. 6535)
      • Designated by Knapp (2013).
    • Type location: Brazil. Amazonas: Coari, Rio Negro, Nov.
  • Solanum leucosporum Dunal (1852:99)
  • Dunal intended the name to be "leucoporum", as indicated in a note on the holotype: "Il faut écrire leucoporum Dun! non leucosporum comme dans le Prodromus où on a corrigeé mal à propos en mettant une S" (quoted in Knapp:2013).
    • Holotype: W.R. Hostmann 1100 (G00301650, G)
      • Isotypes: BM (BM000778127, K (K000196564, LE, OXF (OXF00055157, OXF00055160, U (U0006808, W (1889-291698)
    • Type location: "Surinam", 1845.
  • Solanum sempervirens Dunal (1852:99) non Mill., 1968 (=S. guineense
    • Lectotype: R. Schomburgk 594 (G00144693, G-DC; F neg. 6740, IDC microfiche 800-61.2068:II.3)
      • Isolectotypes: G (G00070226), B (destroyed; F neg. 2698), BM (BM000934974, BM000778126), F (F-533357), K (K000196558, K000590200), L (L-905298-52), TCD (TCD0006846)
      • Designated by Knapp (2013).
    • Type location: "Guyana", 1839.
  • Solanum styracioides Rusby (1895:230)
    • Lectotype: M. Bang 1662 (NY00726013, NY)
      • Isolectotypes: G (G00070208, G0007209), BM (BM000778122), E (E00190766), LE, MICH, MO (MO-5468314), NY (NY00726014), W (W-1893_5619)
      • Designated by Knapp (2013).
    • Type location: Bolivia. La Paz: Prov. Larecaja, between Tipuani and Guanai, Dec 1892.
  • Solanum volubile Rusby (1899:194), nom. illeg. non S. volubile
    Sw. (1797)
    • Holotype: H. Rusby 839 (NY00172248, NY)
      • Isotypes: NY (NY00172247, NY00172246), BM (BM000778194), GH (GH0077786), US (US-1324894, US-32591)
    • Type location: Bolivia. Beni: junction of Río Beni and Río Madre de Dios [i.e. Riberalta], Aug 1886.
  • Cyphomandra yungasense Rusby (1899:195)
    • Holotype: H.H. Rusby 2475 (NY00138678, NY)
    • Type location: Bolivia. La Paz: Yungas, 6000 ft, 1885.
  • Solanum ipomoeoides Chodat & Hassl. (1903:80)
  • Solanum ipomoea var. ipomoeoides (Chodat & Hassl.) Hassl. (1918:119)
  • Lectotype: É. Hassler 3320 (G00070177, G)
      • Isolectotypes: G (G00070176, G00070178), K (K000196523), P (Morton neg. 8218)
      • Designated by Knapp (2013).
    • Type location: Paraguay. Cordillera: Caraguatay, Oct 1900.
  • Solanum ipomoea var. angustifolium Witasek (1910:333)
    • Holotype: R. von Wettstein & V. Schiffner s.n. (W-1922-0001512, W; F neg. 33082)
      • Isotype: F (F-871102)
    • Type location: Brazil. São Paulo: Rio Paranapanema, Salto Grande, 500 m.
  • Solanum ipomoea var. macrostachyum Hassl. (1918:120)
    • Holotype: K. Fiebrig 5848 (G00070172, G; Morton neg. 8600)
      • Isotypes: G (G000701723, G00070174, G00070175), US (US-1175779)
    • Type location: Paraguay. Upper Rio Paraná.
  • Solanum penduliflorum Rusby (1920:113), nom illeg. non Dammer, 1912 (=S. nakurense
  • Solanum tinctum C.V.Morton (1944:43), nom. nov.
    • Holotype: H H. Smith 2661 (NY00172127, NY)
      • Isotype: CM (CM-211196)
    • Type location: Colombia. Magdalena: Santa Marta, 1/4 mile from coast, Don Diego, 5 May 1898-1899.
  • Solanum granelianum D'Arcy (1974:758)
    • Holotype: M.E. Terry & R.A. Terry 1605 (MO-1195589, MO)
      • Isotypes: A (A00077492), BKL (00002338), F (F-1066335)
    • Type location: Panama. Darién: Cana-Cuasi Trail, Chepigana District, 5500 ft, 17 Mar 1940.
  • Solanum palenquense D'Arcy (1977:63)
  • Mote that the type is a mixed collection
    • Holotype: C. Dodson 5674 (MO-2251894, flowers in packet only, MO)
      • Isotypes: SEL, US (US-2843963), WIS (fragm.), Río Palenque Science Center
      • The holotype is composed of stems on a sheet and loose flowers in a separate packet. The sheet is clearly not a Solanum, and may represent Piptocarpha poeppigiana (DC.) Baker an species of Asteraceae (Knapp, 2013). Some of the isotypes may prove to be similar admixtures.
    • Type location: Ecuador. Los Ríos: Palenque Science Center, halfway between Santo Domingo de Los Colorados and Quevedo, 150-220 m, 26 Oct 1974.



Vernacular names


(Knapp, 2013)

español: margarita