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Plants in Uganda.



Imperium: Biota
Superregna: Archaea – Bacteria – Eukaryota
Regna: Animalia – Archaea – Bacteria – Chromista – Fungi – Plantae – Protozoa – incertae sedis
(Unranked): Viruses





  • Eobionti
  • Panbiota Wagner, 2004
  • Terrabiota
  • Vitae
  • Bionta Walton, 1930


  • Biota (D.Don) Endl., a synonym of Platycladus, a genus of plants

Alternative classifications


Domini: Archaea - Bacteria - Eukaryota - Aphanobionta (viruses and viroids) - Vitae incertae sedis

Superdomain: Cytota (cellular organisms: Archaea - Bacteria - Eukaryota) - Acytota (non cellular organisms: Aminoacuea - Nucleacuea)

Walton (1930)


Kingdom Bionta

  • Subkingdom Protistodeae
  • Subkingdom Metaphytodeae
  • Subkingdom Metazoodeae


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Vernacular names

English: Life
français: Vie
Bahasa Indonesia: Kehidupan