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William Jackson Hooker, 1851

William Jackson Hooker (July 6, 1785 – August 12, 1865), British botanist and lichenologist, father of Joseph Dalton Hooker.

Standard IPNI form: Hook.

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  • Hooker, W.J. 1849–1857. Hooker's Journal of Botany and Kew Gardens Miscellany, 9 vols. Also cited as Journal of Botany, being a second series of the Botanical Miscellany.
  • Hooker, W.J. 1837–1854. Icones Plantarum, I–X. BHL
  • Hooker, W.J. 1842–1848. The London Journal of Botany, 7 vols.
  • Hooker, W.J. 1830–1842. The Journal of Botany, 4 vols.

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