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Huggle is a diff browser intended for dealing with vandalism and other unconstructive edits on Wikimedia projects, written in C++ using the Qt framework. It was originally developed in .NET Framework by Gurch, who is no longer active on this project. Anyone can download Huggle.

While Huggle can load and review edits made to Wikispecies in real time, it also helps users identify unconstructive edits and allows them to be reverted quickly. Various mechanisms are used to draw conclusions as to whether an edit is constructive or not. It uses a semi-distributed model where edits are retrieved using a "provider" (this can be anything that is capable of distributing a stream of edit information, such as the Wikipedia API or IRC recent changes feed), pre-parsed and analyzed.

This information is then shared with other anti-vandalism tools, such as ClueBot NG. Huggle also uses a number of self-learning mechanisms, including a global whitelist (users that are considered trusted) and user-badness scores that are stored locally on the client's computer.

Where to start[edit]

Users should read Huggle's manual before using Huggle in order to familiarize themselves with Huggle's controls and features.

Huggle is not intended for new Wikispecies users. All Wikimedians intending to use Huggle must be familiar with how to deal with vandalism before they start. If you wish to get experience in handling vandalism, the counter-vandalism academy is a good place to start. Huggle does not require rollback permissions on Wikispecies and can be tested on Wikipedia Test Wiki without requiring any special permissions.

Once all the requirements are met, Huggle can be downloaded from here.

Download Huggle