Paspalum saccharoides

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Paspalum saccharoides


Taxonavigation: Poales 
Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Cladus: Commelinids
Ordo: Poales

Familia: Poaceae
Subfamilia: Panicoideae
Tribus: Paspaleae
Subtribus: Paspalinae
Genus: Paspalum
Species: Paspalum saccharoides


Paspalum saccharoides Nees ex Trin., 1828


  • Homotypic
    • Panicum saccharoides (Nees ex Trin.) Kunth in Révis. Gramin. 1: 237 (1830), nom. illeg.
    • Paspalum polystachyum (Sw.) Kuntze in Revis. Gen. Pl. 2: 786 (1891), nom. illeg.
    • Saccharum polystachyum Sw. in Prodr. Veg. Ind. Occ.: 21 (1788)
  • Heterotypic
    • Moenchia speciosa Wender. ex Steud. in Nomencl. Bot., ed. 2, 2: 153 (1841), pro syn.
    • Saccharum polydactylum Willd. ex Steud. in Nomencl. Bot., ed. 2, 2: 490 (1841), pro syn.
    • Syllepis polystachya E.Fourn. ex Hack. in C.F.P.von Martius & auct. suc. (eds.), Fl. Bras. 2(3): 251 (1883), pro syn.


Native distribution areas:
  • Continental: Southern America
    • Regional: Western South America
      • Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
    • Regional: Northern South America
      • Colombia
    • Regional: Central America
      • Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panamá
    • Regional: Caribbean
      • Leeward Is., Trinidad-Tobago, Venezuelan Antilles, Windward Is.
  • Continental: Northern America
    • Regional: Mexico
      • Mexico Northwest, Mexico Southeast, Venezuela

References: Brummitt, R.K. 2001. TDWG – World Geographical Scheme for Recording Plant Distributions, 2nd Edition


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español: Paja de llano
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