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List of all help pages[edit]

There should be some kind list of all help pages eg. Wikispecies:Sister projects, Wikispecies:About and other helpful pages eg. Wikispecies:Peer Review, Wikispecies:Deletion requests, Wikispecies:What Wikispecies is not, Wikispecies:Administrators etc.? — Linnea 16:45, 7 January 2006 (UTC)Reply

The species-level pages[edit]

On every species-level page that I've gone to, there is little more than a directory of the classifications (kingdom, phylum, etc.) for that organism. Shouldn't there also be information on that species, like a Wikipedia article, only biology-specific? If so, I will gladly start porting over data from Wikipedia and other reputable sources. If not, then does that mean that Wikispecies is complete? -- wikipedia:User:Mareino

Good question.[edit]

We do not want the information ported here. Instead, we link to the interwiki articles. Currently we are doing that in the section labeled Vernacular names. I see it as a framework that we can hang some information on. We still have a long way to go. If you would like to add the appropriate links that we be wonderful. We also link to photos in commons. We have recently completed adding all the birds so you can browse through some of them to get a sense of what information we are collecting. Open2universe 04:17, 4 February 2006 (UTC)Reply

Wie kann ich eine Seite übersetzen?[edit]

Da hier alles in Englisch ist, will ich wenigstens ein paar Seite ins Deutsche übertragen, denn nicht jeder ist der englischen Sprache mächtig bzw. hat keine Lust eine Großteil der Wörter im Wörterbuch nach zu shauen. -- Joschy 14:15, 15 February 2006 (UTC)Reply

HI Joschy, I've just added a request for comments below on gathering support to add a topic on translations in the "Help" section or a FAQ-section. I wouldn't spent too much time on translating entire pages yet as I can imagine there is work done on an automatic translation tool, that in a near future will be able to translate any page in near to any language. I think this will not happen within a year or 3 however. Also in the wikipedia this must a big issue, I imagine as there you have several pages on the same topic, but they can be quite different things written. Most striking was when I was reading up on Agenda 21 in Dutch, French and English. It is amazing how the insights in each language group differ and are complementary. An real advantage from mastering several main languages. --SvenAERTS228 (talk) 17:00, 31 October 2010 (UTC)Reply

The species-level pages[edit]

This seems like a great idea, and I'm thinking about spending some of my personal time contributing. The site is world-wide and highly visible (meaning quickly found by search engines). I work with lichens and similar fungi and have been thinking for a long time that species summaries of world-wide scope would be incredibly valuable. I have three questions:

(1) Where is the taxonomy taken from? (Although many lichens and fungi are covered at the species level, some are covered only to the genus level)

(2) How are taxonomic changes handled? For example, if one species is synonymized with another, are the records somehow merged? Are both kept, with a reference added to the name that is no longer valid? Is the record for the old name simply deleted?

(3) I doubt that there is much concern about the quantity of text (I would strongly advocate for more detail than I see in some of the bird pages), but what are the recommendations on image size (dimensions and filesize) and number of images per species?

Thanks! -Eric, operator of Crustose.Net[1] and Vegetation Ecologist for the Nevada Natural Heritage Program[2]

Hi Eric, and welcome to wikispecies! I have actually been working on most of the Fungi pages, more in particular the Ascomycetes. Still a lot needs to be done so all help is most welcome. But to answer your questions:
(1) Ascomycetes taxonomy (genus level and up) is coming from: Myconet. I think they're the authority on Ascomycetes. I'm not sure where the rest of the taxonomy is coming from. As for the species, they are coming from Fungorum. (
(2) When a taxon is getting a new name, for whatever reason, the wiki software can make a redirect. This means the page gets moved to its new name (including the data on the page) The new page will then be accessible by typing in the old AND the new name. So yes synonyms are kept, but the old page does not actually contain data.
(3) From the way you ask this I think you have a wrong idea about what we do. We are part of the Wikimedia foundation, the same foundation that operates Wikipedia, and many more Wiki projects. The idea is that all these projects are going to work together (technical changes are being worked on). What we do on Wikispecies is handling taxonomy and nomenclature, and nothing else. In the future, the idea is that the data in wikispecies gets integrated into the wikipedias. The taxoboxes you see on [3] is the thing that will get replaced by our work. That's the reason why there is no text on wikispecies, only data. A perfect wikispecies page looks like: Macropus rufogriseus
As for images, they are kept at yet another wiki, [Commons:Main Page|Wiki Commons]. Every copyright free picture is acceptible in the best possible quality one can get. The size of an image is nothing to worry about :) Linking from Wiki Commons to Wiki species and showing the image here is then easy. We currently show pictures 250pixels for landscape images and 220px for portraits. When a certain species has more images on Wikicommons a page on wikispecies gets a certain tag, saying that more images about this species can be found on wikicommons. --Kempm 22:21, 6 December 2006 (UTC)Reply

Help / FAQ on the topic of Translations[edit]

Who's in favor of adding a topic on this in the "Help Section"? --SvenAERTS228 (talk) 16:51, 31 October 2010 (UTC)Reply

Help / FAQ on the topic of Logging in with accounts of wikipedia or its sister projects[edit]

Who's in favor of adding a topic on this in the "Help Section"? I can imagine many wonder if it is possible to use one's log-in and password combination in the wikipedia or other sister projects. --SvenAERTS228 (talk) 17:50, 31 October 2010 (UTC)Reply

Good point people for Wikispecies to help new users?[edit]

Hi everyone. I'm looking to gather 1-3 contacts for Wikispecies who would be interested in serving as point people for new editors from Wikipedia. I don't expect that it'll be too time consuming, but, just in case we have a new editor stop by the Teahouse who expresses interest in participating in media contributions and you can be friendly and welcome them and perhaps direct them to an area that might interest them. You're welcome to respond here, or even better, on my talk page if you're interested in being added to this list. Thanks :D SarahStierch (talk) 15:59, 1 March 2012 (UTC)Reply

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