Favonius cognatus

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Favonius cognatus


Taxonavigation: Papilionoidea 

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Cladus: Unikonta
Cladus: Opisthokonta
Cladus: Holozoa
Regnum: Animalia
Subregnum: Eumetazoa
Cladus: Bilateria
Cladus: Nephrozoa
Cladus: Protostomia
Cladus: Ecdysozoa
Cladus: Panarthropoda
Phylum: Arthropoda
Cladus: Pancrustacea
Cladus: Allotriocarida
Subphylum: Hexapoda
Classis: Insecta
Cladus: Dicondylia
Subclassis: Pterygota
Infraclassis: Neoptera
Cladus: Eumetabola
Cladus: Holometabola
Superordo: Panorpida
Cladus: Amphiesmenoptera
Ordo: Lepidoptera
Subordo: Glossata
Cladus: Coelolepida
Cladus: Myoglossata
Cladus: Neolepidoptera
Infraordo: Heteroneura
Cladus: Eulepidoptera
Cladus: Ditrysia
Cladus: Apoditrysia
Cladus: Obtectomera
Superfamilia: Papilionoidea

Familia: Lycaenidae
Subfamilia: Theclinae
Tribus: Theclini
Genus: Favonius
Subgenus: Favonius (Favonius)
Species: Favonius cognatus
Subspecies: (2) per Koiwaya, 2007.
F. c. cognatus – F. c. latifasciatus



Favonius cognatus (Staudinger, 1892)

Lectotype: ZMB


  • Thecla orientalis var. cognata Staudinger, 1892 in Romanoff
  • Favonius latifasciatus Shirôzu, 1959


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  • Saigusa, T. and Ogadiri, K., 2000. Recent advances in studies of the "Zephyrus" Hairstreaks (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae), Gekkan-Mushi, (348): 2-9. Reference page

Vernacular names

日本語: ヒロオビミドリシジミ