Duolandrevus curtipennis mindoro

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Taxonavigation: Grylloidea 
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Subordo: Ensifera
Superfamilia: Grylloidea

Familia: Gryllidae
Subfamilia: Landrevinae
Tribus: Landrevini
Genus: Duolandrevus
Subgenus: Duolandrevus (Jorama)
Species: Duolandrevus curtipennis
Subspecies: Duolandrevus curtipennis mindoro


Duolandrevus curtipennis mindoro Gorochov, 2016

Type locality: Philippines, Mindoro I., environs of Puerto Galera Town (northern coast).

Holotype: ZIN. male ♂. 11–13.III.2004. legit A. Gorochov.


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