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Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Chromista
Subregnum: Harosa
Infraregnum: Rhizaria
Phylum: Cercozoa
Subphylum: Filosa
Superclassis: Reticulofilosa
Classis: Chlorarachnea
Ordo: Chlorarachniida


Chlorarachnea Cavalier-Smith, 1993

Circumscriptional synonyms


  • Thomas Cavalier-Smith and Ema E.-Y. Chao, Phylogeny and classification of phylum Cercozoa (Protozoa), Protist 154, 341-358 (2003).
  • Thomas Cavalier-Smith, Protist phylogeny and the high-level classification of Protozoa, Europ. J. Protistol. 39, 338-348 (2003).
  • Chlorarachnea in the World Register of Marine Species


Cavalier-Smith (1993)[edit]

Cavalier-Smith, T. (1993). The origin, losses and gains of chloroplasts. In: Origins of plastids (pp. 291-348). Springer US, [1].

Cavalier-Smith (2003)[edit]

From Phylogeny and classification of phylum Cercozoa (Protozoa)

In Phylum Cercozoa, Subphylum Filosa, Superclass Reticulofilosa
Class Chlorarachnea