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Queensland Museum

  • Abbreviation: QM
  • Alias: QMB, QMBA, QMSB
  • Inception: 1862
  • Location: Corner of Grey and Melbourne Streets, South Bank, South Brisbane, QueenslandAustralia
  • Publication(s): Memoirs of the Queensland Museum
  • Other info.: Member of Queensland Museum Campus Network; Includes: collection from Department of Harbours & Marine, Brisbane (DHMB), specimens from Queensland Amateur Fishing Clubs Association (AFAQ) and the University of Queensland Insect Collection; Holds living fauna collections at Queensland Museum South Bank, in Brisbane, and Museum of Tropical Queensland, in Townsville
  • Wikipedia: Queensland Museum


  • Specified acronyms by collections: QMG (Invertebrates, Porifera, Corals, Protozoans), QMF (fossils), QMMO, GSQF (Mollusca), QMS (Arachnida), QMJM (Mammals), QMJ (Herpetology), QMT (Entomology), QMI (Fishes), QMW (Crustacea), QMO (Aves)
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