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Import is a rarely needed feature; for instance, it's not needed for CC-BY-SA copyright compliance, see Terms of use.

These flags are enabled on all wikis,[2] but can be assigned only by stewards after a request on :meta:Steward requests/Permissions (especially the import flag which includes the importupload right which is particularly dangerous) and only on a temporary basis for a specific task, unless the project has a local process and policy to assign permanent import rights.

List of Importers

There are currently 0 importers on Wikispecies. A current list can be found at Special:ListUsers/import.

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  1. ウィキ間インポート担当者以外に、全Mediawikiプロジェクトの管理者は、デフォルトで "import"利用者権限が割り当てられています(閉鎖されたウィキを除く)。
  2. Although transwiki import may require requesting wiki configuration changes to enable import from the wiki you're interested in (import source).