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Use this template to add a reference to the web site Mammal Species of the World to the listing of a mammalian taxon.
{{MSW|id|name option}}
Parameters and examples
  • id (mandatory)
The id of the taxon in the MSW web site.
 Warning: avoid leading spaces.
How to retrieve the id: First search the MSW web site for the taxon you are looking for, then when viewing its webpage, find the id in the address. In the address www.bucknell.edu/msw3/browse.asp?id=11600005 the id is 11600005.
  • name (optional)
By default a page name is used as a taxon name:
  • E.g. {{MSW|11600004}} results in:
If otherwise the second parameter is set and equals to i the name will be italicized:
  • {{MSW|11600005|i}} for
Other values are used as explicit taxon name:
  • {{MSW|11600005|''Dugong dugon'' (Müller, 1776)}} for
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