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Use this template to add a reference to a taxon on the web site ITIS by providing the taxon id on ITIS.


  • {{ITIS|164519|}}
  • {{ITIS|164519|Histrio}}
  • {{ITIS|164519|Histrio Fischer, 1813}}
  • {{ITIS|164521|Histrio jagua|nv}}





  • id – the id of the taxon on ITIS web site.
    • How to retrieve the id: In the url www.itis.gov/servlet/SingleRpt/SingleRpt?search_topic=TSN&search_value=164519 the id is 164519
    • Nuvola apps important.svg Warning: avoid leading spaces.
  • name (optional) – the name of the taxon with its author
    • Don't forget italics for genus and species.
  • validity (optional) – if the taxon is considered as unaccepted or synonym by ITIS, add "nv".

The only parameter that is mandatory is the id. If the second parameter is left undefined, it will default to {{PAGENAME}}. To italicize the name for genera and species, you can simply put an "i" as the second parameter. For example: {{ITIS|164519|i}} gives

Use sample:

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