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The genus list on the taxon pager is found in Funk et al. (2009) and Kadereit & Jeffrey (2007) and is based upon the approach adopted by Nordenstam (2008) in which he segregated a number of genera from Osteospermum, but this had not helped make this genus monophyletic. There are twp possible solutions, firstly, to continue segregating Osteospermum into monotypic and oligotypic genera, or secondly to subsume all phylogenetically related genera into a monophyletic Caldendula/Osteospermum complex (Manning & Goldblatt 2012). The preferred approach by Manning and Goldblatt reduced the number of genera in the tribe to just three - Dimorphotheca, Garuleum and Osteospermum. Their proposal to subsume the northern hemisphere Calendula has not been accepted and indeed this name is likely to have precedence under Art 11.3 ICBN. However, some authorities have adopted a partial Osteospermum s.l. with Calendula s.s segregated - see Hassler (2018) on these taxon pages as an example. It is proposed that WS adopts this approach, as it is based upon the latest scientific publications. The only problem is currently Chrysanthemoides monilifera is found in many recent publications dealing with noxious weeds and invasive plants. Updates will be undertaken as available. Andyboorman (talk) 16:45, 11 January 2018 (UTC)