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There is now good evidence for resurrecting this order and so helping to reduce the number of assigned or unresolved angiosperm families and genera. APG III (2009) presented evidence that Boraginaceae are members of the lamiid clade (Euasterids I) and this circumscription follows at the ordinal level (Stevens, 2014). However, there are two opinions regarding the scope of this order, which depend on the circumscription of Boraginaceae.
This family could be circumscribed sensu strictu (Boraginales Working Group, 2016 & Weigend et al., 2014) with now seven additional families Codonaceae, Wellstediaceae, Hydrophyllaceae, Heliotropiaceae, Ehretiaceae, Cordiaceae, Lennoaceae and Hoplestigmataceae. However, in order to maintain Boraginaceae sensu lato, the present WS circumscription includes Codon in the tribe Codoneae Nazaire & L. Hufford in Syst. Bot. 37: 779. (2012), within the existing sub-family Boraginoideae (Nazaire & Hufford, 2012). This circumscription of Boranginales is now accepted by APG IV and therefore WS follows for now. However, please note that the BWG have a paper recently published Luebert et al., 2016. Familial classification of the Boraginales. Taxon 65(3): 502-522, which may mean that APG IV is superseded! Andyboorman (talk) 20:36, 6 June 2016 (UTC)