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Stanislav Konstantinovich Korb, Russian entomologist.

Author abbreviation: S.K. Korb

Authored taxa[edit]

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(List may be incomplete)





  • Korb, S.K. 2005. A catalogue of butterflies of the ex-USSR, with remarks on systematics and nomenclature. 1–158.


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  • Korb, S.K. 2009. A new subspecies of Hyponephele kirghisa (Alphéraky, 1881) from the northern slope of Kirghiz Ala-Too Mts., North Tian-Shan (Lepidoptera: Satyridae). Eversmannia 19–20: 32–35.


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  • Korb, S.K. & Bolshakov, L.V. 2013. Is Euphydryas cf. aurinia emba (Fruhstorfer, [1917]) a synonym of Euphydryas aurinia sareptana (Staudinger, 1871)? (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae). Eversmannia 36: 6–7.


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