Spea hammondii

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Spea hammondii


Taxonavigation: Anura 

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Animalia
Subregnum: Eumetazoa
Cladus: Bilateria
Cladus: Nephrozoa
Superphylum: Deuterostomia
Phylum: Chordata
Cladus: Craniata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Infraphylum: Gnathostomata
Superclassis: Tetrapoda
Classis: Amphibia
Subclassis: Lissamphibia
Ordo: Anura

Familia: Scaphiopodidae
Genus: Spea
Species: Spea hammondii


Spea hammondii (Baird, 1859)

Type locality: "Fort Reading,, California", USA.

Holotype: USNM 3695.


  • Scaphiopus hammondii Baird, 1859
  • Spea hammondiiCope, 1866
  • Spea hammondii hammondiiCope, 1889
  • Scaphiopus hammondii hammondiiGrinnell & Camp, 1917
  • Scaphiopus (Spea) hammondiiTanner, 1939
  • Spea hammondiiWiens & Titus, 1991


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  • 2007 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species IUCN: Spea hammondii  (Near Threatened) Downloaded on 13 July 2008.

Vernacular names[edit]

English: Western Spadefoot Toad